August 27, 2011

Hurricane Preparedness

Flashlights and extra batteries - check
Butt loads of clean water - check
Rice, beans, and other food storage items - double check
Slight fear of being without AC - of course
Blog posts already completed so you won't even know I'm in the dark - coming up
Long list of items to buy after the emergency to update our 72 hr. kits - you know it

We are prepared, and so we feel calm about the impending storm.
Our thoughts and prayers are with friends and neighbors - hoping everyone stays safe.
Is it wrong that part of me is looking forward to so much uninterrupted time with my two favorite people?
Bring on the candlelight and board games - we're making the most of this storm.


  1. Glad you're prepared and not worried! We'll be praying for your safety ... and maybe your AC! :)

    Enjoy your extra time with your fabulous family! We love and miss you! I'll try to call later, after the storm has passed.

  2. Are these hurricane outfits?!?!


  3. Ellie looks adorable! I mean, Joe looks good, but Ellie is ROCKIN' the giraffe print. I love the headband! Keep us updated.

  4. I hope my Ellie turns out as cute as yours! Such cute curly hair! Can't wait to see what you do with two girly girls! Be safe!

  5. Hope you enjoyed the time with the fam even if the storm didn't quite live up to the hype. Ellie is beautiful!

  6. The kissy picture is so adorable! I'm glad you guys are safe and that it wasn't too bad!