August 5, 2011

Fashion Friday: celebrity doppelganger

If Eleanor is one thing, she's a character.  The question is which character is she?  This week's Fashion Friday has the answer. 

A couple months ago Ellie woke up from naptime with the most amazing hair.  I broke out the camera to document it.  She was obsessed with this toy bling she was wearing and before long, I noticed some real diva-like behavior.
Lounging around without a care in the world.
Busting moves straight out of music videos.
With the hair and the attitude, I knew she was reminding me of some musical performer.
But who?
Finally it came to me.
It's Baby Mariah!
In that case, sing on baby.  Mama wants to live off your royalties one day.
If you need her, she'll be in her trailer.
Gosh, I love this girl.

*Mariah image from here.  All other photos by moi.


  1. Love it! Thanks for the good laugh. I needed that.

  2. That hair...she is cute! Is it curly everywhere? Or just in the humidity?

  3. It's only wavy in the back. Nice curls in the right humid weather - just weirdness when it's dry.