August 4, 2011

The Bump and the Hair

20 weeks this time around sure feels bigger than the last.
All week I've been singing oh -oh, we're halfway there, oh-oh livin' on a prayer.
I had some crazy anemia for a while, but it's soooo much better now. (thanks to a really disgusting supplement)
There is a reason my head is not showing in this picture.
I dyed my hair.
It was a crazy crazy idea.
I'm so nervous to show you.
Deep breath.
See?  I told you it was crazy.
My grandma told me I look like Lady Gaga - and I think she meant it as a compliment.
I was going to wait to show the internet this drastic change until I had a decent picture with a cute outfit, make-up and everything.
But the roots are coming in faster than you'd believe.
So I had to settle for Joe's photo of me all dressed up for hip-hop class.
That's right Internet - I went platinum and I take hip-hop class*.
I'm full of surprises.  That's how we keep this relationship fresh.

*I bought a 10-class pass to a studio in the city, and it's been SO MUCH FUN.  I've also done theater dance and swing, with belly dancing and ballet coming soon.


  1. You are easily one of my favorite people on the planet. Love the hair, love that you're taking a hip hop class, love it all. Fabulous!

  2. Whitney, it's okay to admit that you want to be just like me. I would too if I wasn't me.

    I love that you're taking a hip hop class. Awesome.

  3. super cute! you can pull anything off!

  4. I have to admit that I gasped when I scrolled down and saw your hair. You are bold, brave, and beautiful! What fun classes! Belly dancing: wahoo!!!

  5. Woah, Whitney! How did I miss the fact that you're pregnant? How did I not know this? Am I a horrible friend? Holy cow, congratulations! What are you having?? And, by the way, your hair is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. How many people can pull a switch like that? So fun! It looks like you're livin' it up over there in NYC. Congratulations again!!!!

  6. Your hair looks fabulous! It really makes your eyes pop out. And you are making me slightly miss being pregnant. crazy!

  7. You look GREAT! Do you know if you are having a boy or girl yet? I expect more updates!! Also, I love that you are taking hip hop and belly dancing classes - so fun :)

  8. Somehow I hadn't updated the link to this blog. I was wondering why I felt so out of the loop in the Hardie world! It's fun to see your cute tummy!

  9. You are stinkin' fantastic!! Love it all!

  10. I still love your new look! You rock platinum blonde!! And I LOVE that you're rockin the hip hop classes! You are so lady gaga.