April 14, 2011

Quilt Show Extravaganza!

OK, so I know it's old news on the internet because Erin and Debi both posted about it already, but I've yet to give my review.  Holy cow people!  Look at this amazing exhibit I saw in NYC.  I've taken a recent interest in quilting.  It started when I watched How to Make an American Quilt (that Winona Ryder - she gets me every time).  Then Ellie was gifted some very beautiful quilts that I absolutely treasure.  Then I decided I should learn to quilt so I can give treasures to other people.  Then we went to the American Folk Art Museum and fawned over their quilts.  Then there was this special exhibit....it's quite the love affair with quilting right now.

What I loved most about this show:
1. The design of the exhibit - absolutely phenomenal!
2. All these quilts were collected by one woman.  This was 80th birthday wish - to share her collection with New York City.  How sweet is that?
3. This exhibit encouraged viewers to simply have a visual experience.  No need to read long text panels, don't feel obligated to learn the history of every quilt.  Just come SEE it.  I love a low pressure art experience.
Debi with one twin.  It's just unnatural to see her with only one!
Hashi watched the other twin (Ellie's boyfriend, remember?)

There were a couple things I felt uncomfortable about:
1. I started having flashbacks to Alice in Wonderland, when she's being chased by the Queen and all those cards are flying everywhere.  Scariest movie of my childhood.
2. Ellie was having a ball, pushing through people to walk wherever she wanted.  Whenever I looked up at someone to apologize for her rude (but come-on, totally cute) behavior I was met with cold stares from some ladies.  They were not amused.  What gives people?  Apparently quilt enthusiasts are not Ellie's crowd.

Oh well, we still had a good time.  Unforgettable to be sure.

April 13, 2011

My Friend Kelli

This is my friend Kelli.  She is pretty great.  She's a very talented photographer, but the most important thing you should know about Kelli is that she's super helpful.  I tell you, this girl is just looking for ways to help you out!  While she was in town, Kelli took some great family photos of us (which deserve a post all their own) and she and I went on a little walk through Central Park.  Being the helpful person that she is, Kelli let me borrow her sweet lens to take some photos of emerging spring.  I posted all of them on my photography blog, but here are a few favorites if you'd like a peek.
Not only did she let me borrow her lens, she even let me borrow her friends for some fake engagement photos.
That's Kelli for you - willing to jump in wherever you need her.
See what I mean?

So for all these nice things Kelli does for me, I say thank you.
And I try to help her out by taking sweet photos of her.
Because that's what photographer friends do.
Thanks for everything Kelli!  It was a blast as usual.

Website Issues

Hi everyone.  Please accept my apologies for the lack of new content.  Oh, and I'm sorry the old content cannot be viewed either.  I post my images through a website called Photobucket and some of their accounts have been down (including mine) for more than two days now.  Ridiculous!

Needless to say, frustration abounds.  There are lots of posts coming, just as soon as this gets fixed. 

In the meantime I'll be busy crafting a Photobucket voodoo doll.