April 13, 2011

My Friend Kelli

This is my friend Kelli.  She is pretty great.  She's a very talented photographer, but the most important thing you should know about Kelli is that she's super helpful.  I tell you, this girl is just looking for ways to help you out!  While she was in town, Kelli took some great family photos of us (which deserve a post all their own) and she and I went on a little walk through Central Park.  Being the helpful person that she is, Kelli let me borrow her sweet lens to take some photos of emerging spring.  I posted all of them on my photography blog, but here are a few favorites if you'd like a peek.
Not only did she let me borrow her lens, she even let me borrow her friends for some fake engagement photos.
That's Kelli for you - willing to jump in wherever you need her.
See what I mean?

So for all these nice things Kelli does for me, I say thank you.
And I try to help her out by taking sweet photos of her.
Because that's what photographer friends do.
Thanks for everything Kelli!  It was a blast as usual.


  1. i want pics that look as good as these! sheesh! yall are stinkin talented!

  2. Great Pics. Glad to see Spring is finally arriving in NYC!

  3. Ha!! I love that I got a post dedicated to me. The pictures turned out so cute. Miss you!!