December 18, 2011

Eleanor turns 2 (part II)

all photos by Kelli Nicole

Eleanor my darling, it doesn't seem that long ago that I was composing a little blog post to commemorate your first birthday.  My, how you have changed in just one year!  Really, it is astounding. Especially the hair growth.  My super pregnant brain refuses to come up with any poetic or clever words with which to mark this milestone, so instead I will just write a few things I can think of about you right now and share some photos.  Really, your pictures speak for themselves.

You are so full of personality.
Usually it's very pleasant and sunshiney - but you do have your 2 year old moments. 
The battle of wills around here can be quite intense.
You are so very funny.
Your dad and I are often lying in bed cracking up over the things you said and did that day.

Your four canine teeth are finally coming in - we wondered when they would show up.
You weigh 25 lbs and are 34 inches tall
You do pretty well on the growth chart these days.
I think you're athletic like your father.
Always jumping, climbing, and now somersaulting!
You can throw really well and occasionally impress us by catching something.

Your hair is usually in a ponytail - otherwise it's an unruly mess.
You wear your silver boat shoes every day and LOVE to point them out to people.
You also love "lips" (chapstick) and have to wear some every chance you get.

You gave up on sign language for a while, but now you're interested again.
You often mimic me when I'm interpreting in church. (mouthing the words and all)
Your favorite sign is "giraffe" - you are very serious about this one.

I stopped counting your words a few months ago.
It just didn't seem necessary anymore.
But now we've reached a phase where you say so much and yet, it's not always understandable.
I'm sorry - I try my best to interpret for you, but sometimes even Mama's at a loss for what you mean.

Some of my favorite silly things you say:
pay-low (play-do)
rudderban (rubberband)
Whitney Hardie (where did you learn this, by the way?)
happy halloweeeeeen! (shouted any time someone mentions that holiday)
I do (whenever you answer in the affirmative)
Ellie-mommy-daddy tooted (seriously, every time?)
I did it!

I love to hear you say "I did it."
Because you do so many things and you grow up every day.
You open bottle lids, try to dress yourself, pause the movie, answer my phone - such a big girl.

loving the Little Mermaid pose, by the way.

You love to take pictures with our old camera.
You love to check yourself out in the mirror.
You love Elmo and Blue's Clues.
You are a little bossy and LOVE to be in control.
You love your friends and list them from memory: June-bug, Violet, Arnie (sorry, Arden)

You can count to 14 - if you can get past 4, that is.
Usually it's some variation of 1, 2 ...4, 2 ... 5,6,7,8,9,10, etc.
Not sure why you hate 3 so much.

Similar story with the alphabet - you get bits and pieces really well.
The whole thing?  Ah, it's over-rated.

Wow, Ellie.  I didn't mean for this to be so long. 
I'm sure you're probably embarrassed by how obsessed I am with you.
What can I say?
I'm afraid I will one day forget what you were like when you were 2.
You are too adorable for words.
You test my limits.
You make me laugh and cry (often at the same time)
You melt my heart.
You are a toddler through and through and I'm so happy to spend my days with you.
Keep growing, honey - you are doing just great!


  1. She is so beautiful, inside and out!

    And you interpret at church?! That's awesome!

  2. Love this post! Happy Birthday Ellie! I love reading about her 2-year-old self and she will LOVE it when she's older. I wish I had something like this from my childhood!

  3. She IS too adorable for words. It's so fun to read about all that she's doing and saying, even though it makes me a bit sad that our kids aren't all turning 2 in the same city. We miss that sweet, spunky Ellie! Happy birthday!

    Now go have that other baby.

  4. Happy birthday sweet Ellie! What a great post! It is so fun to hear about what she is doing and her personality. You are awesome!

  5. Hooray! Happy Birthday Ellie!
    I can't believe it's been such a long time since I've seen her! I sometimes feel like I've been around the whole time, watching her grow through these posts!

  6. Your posts really reflect how much you love little Ellie, which is sweet to see. And we have to agree, she's really terrific.