December 22, 2011

Waiting for Baby: Part II

For another of our pre-baby adventures, Ellie and I took advantage of a special they were having at the nail salon down the street.  After naptime we walked over and Ellie got her very first manicure while I got a pedicure!  It was so fun.  And really funny.  The ladies who work there couldn't get over her.  A little known fact about Ellie is that she LOVES to have her nails worked on.  I've never painted them for her, but if she sees anyone trimming their fingernails, she insists that hers be cut as well.  Fingernail clipping is the highlight of her day!  So I thought she might like this experience - and boy did she.
Just look at that face.  She is in hog heaven.
She spent the next several days showing off her pretty pink nails to anyone who would care to look.  Now that we are prepped and pampered, we're just waiting for little sister to make her appearance.  Come on labor - let's get started!


  1. This makes me just thatmuchmore excited to finally have my girl to do these things with.

  2. My mind is totally blown. I can't believe she sat still for that long—she's a real lady!

  3. love this! She is so happy to get her nails done!