December 15, 2011

Oh Snap(shot)

Well, we got a new point and shoot camera for ourselves this Christmas and I am in LOVE.  Finally, a pocket sized camera that takes decent photos and is fun for a photographer to use.  This is a big deal, people!  There are so many great shots I never take because (I'm lazy and) it takes so much energy to wield that giant camera and lens of mine.  Who needs another 7 lbs to lug up the stairs at the train station?  Not I.  So now that I have this little baby, I am shooting it up like a tourist.  Prepare the blog for lower quality, higher quantity, awesome everyday snaps like the one above.  Or these:
Yes, we are all very excited around here.
Oh, and speaking of random - here's Ellie's famous Thanksgiving Turkey.
Made with her own hands (and feet)
She likes to hold it during dinner.


  1. My camera takes horrible fuzzy inside shots. I want one like yours. Which one did you get? Ellie is such a personality.

  2. I want to know what you got too!

  3. The camera we got is a Canon S95. It is tiny and really fun to shoot with. I'm still not 100% sure on the quality of the photos, because I can't get the raw ones to open on my computer yet. But I love that you can shoot it manually and it's auto functions are pretty smart. Hope that helps!