June 16, 2011

Little Brother in the Big City - Part II

That's right ya'll.  It's Lady Liberty Time. 
The #1 most exciting thing we did with Sean was visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  
Prepare yourselves for the awesome-ness!
First of all, I should win a prize for this photo.
Right? Right.
Secondly, did you know that the copper plating we see on Lady Liberty is only 1/4" thick?
Seriously blew my mind.
Thirdly, did you know that we Hardies are a very enthusiastic bunch?
Now you know.
We were obviously super excited to cross a big item off our New York City bucket list.
When you visit the Statue of Liberty, be sure to at least do the pedestal tour.  Do the crown tour if you're able - we were not so fortunate.
Here are the reasons why:
1. Great photo backdrop of the city when you're at the feet of the lady
2. There's a part where they let you look up her skirt
3. You get great perspectives of the statue when you're that close - interesting stuff many people have never seen
4. You learn a lot about the history of the statue in a museum that badly needs updating but is still informative (no photos of that part - sorry)
In that shot of Ellie, you can see the inside of the statue just behind her.  We were holding her up to the ceiling.
Just thought I should tell you in case her beautiful face distracted from the innards of the statue.
But the biggest reason to do the pedestal tour is because you get an amazing, non-crowded platform on which to take awesome touristy pictures.  Yessssss!!!!
Of course you have to pretend to lift the statue.
And pretend to be an Asian tourist.
Seriously though, the best use of the Statue of Liberty is as a backdrop for your hip hop music video.
Once again, the Canon proves to be too much for a non-photographer to handle and every single shot of me is blurry.  
But that's OK, I can laugh about it.
I even laughed at the seagull who pooped on me while waiting for the ferry.
Sometimes that's all you can do.


  1. I hadn't visited your blog for a while. It was great to see pics of the family, especially the ones I hadn't seen in years. Ellie looks like such a joy to have around and you look like a great mom -Sarabeth

  2. Nice UVU hoody! I'm glad you guys are not afraid to be touristy :)