June 17, 2011

Fashion Friday: a family affair

These Fashion Friday shots were taken on an unusually warm day back in April.  Ellie was feeling the need to sport some summer garb and somehow we all got in on the action.  First up, we'll start with Eleanor.  With a super bright shirt, some pink capris and an orange bow, is there any doubt this girl is ready to party all summer long?
Yes, I know these two images are almost exactly the same.  But in the first one she's sticking her tongue out thoughtfully and in the second one she's on the verge of smiling.  How could I choose?

In school we learned that editing yourself (choosing only THE BEST shot) is vital to being a good photographer.  But asking a mother to choose between two equally adorable photos of her child is an impossible task.

I think my new understanding of this fact will make me a much wealthier family photographer.  Ha!
Joe's contribution to Fashion Friday was not only his flattering get up of gym shorts and free BYU t-shirt, but also a project for the living room that made our apartment much more fashionable.  I'll share more photos of the finished project later in a segment I'm calling "as good as it's going to get because we're moving."
And here I am, working it as a fashion model for Ellie's first photo shoot.  This girl loves to use the camera!  I know it's not the best angle of me, but when the illustrious Eleanor Hardie is taking your picture, you do what it takes to get in the frame.  Photoshoots with Ellie are lots of fun until it's time to put the camera away.
This is the view I had to deal with for the next good while.  Awesome.
P.S.  Guess who is 18 months old today?!?  I think there will be extensive photos to document this girl on her half birthday.


  1. lol looking forward to the house project picture. That little girl is so cute. Love the bright colors.

  2. So she does cry and pitch fits sometimes. Okay. I never hear you talk about them so I figured maybe she was perfect and that you should be scorned at for having said perfect child.