June 15, 2011

Little Brother in the Big City - Part I

Get ready folks.  Little brother Sean came to visit us in May and we had a blast!  So much so that I've got to break it down into two different posts.  First up, Ellie was very excited to show Uncle Sean one of her favorite places - the American Museum of Natural History.  We saw our fill of dinosaurs and butterflies and a great time was had by all.
So, here I am giving Joe instructions on how to work the camera for a group shot.
And here is the final product.
Yeah, we're totally blurry, but at least the Anatotitan is in focus.
And now we move on to the butterfly exhibit. 
Super overpriced, but introducing Ellie to butterflies was one of the coolest experiences of parenthood thus far.
As much as Eleanor loved the butterflies, she REALLY loved the man with the misting bottle.
I was really jealous of this lady's barrette.
If you asked Sean to name his favorite parts about visiting NYC
it would probably be a tie between a Broadway show and the great street performers.
Oh, and there was that crazy lady who tried to hook up with him in Times Square.
Can you blame her?


  1. That is one serious street performer! I'm glad Sean got to come out and visit you guys. Looking forward to post #2!

  2. Lol that's a cool military toy dresser. Neat!