August 17, 2010

NYC Bucket List

There are so many things to do in this city.  So many things, in fact, that it becomes quite overwhelming.  To be perfectly honest, most days I don't even leave the apartment.  I simply enjoy my 5th floor view of Washington Heights and it doesn't really feel like I live in New York City.

 In case you are confused, this is not the view from my apt.

To ensure we don't waste all of our time in this amazing city, Joe and I have compiled a bucket list of items to do.  Here is a list of future adventures - experiences we're determined to have before we leave.  I'll keep you updated on each one we accomplish - photos and all.

Go to a Yankees game
Visit the flower market - nothing better than a street full of flowers and bringing some home to my table
Peruse the Brooklyn Flea Market
Tour Ellis Island
Get buns of steel - the 5 flights to our apartment should guarantee this 
Visit the Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn 
Drink frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity
Gain a greater understanding of Islam and Judaism
See as many museums as possible (and multiple times): MOMA, Met, Whitney, Natural History, Guggenheim, Dia:Beacon, and other museums yet to be discovered by us.
Can you tell how serious I am about the museum thing?
Really.  I'm serious.
Go ice skating at Rockefeller Center
Eat a lot of good Polish food
Do a lot of pleasure reading courtesy of the public library
Walk across Brooklyn Bridge 
Buy something fancy for each of us - something we probably shouldn't buy, but will always remember how special it is because we paid way too much for it in NYC.
Cruise Coney Island - I make no promises about riding anything.  Big chicken.
Continue my photography project about Deaf Culture - look into that interpreting certificate
See Wicked on Broadway - we'd like to see other shows as well, but this is THE one that cannot be missed
Rent a boat and paddle around in Central Park

These are the main attractions for us. As you can see, some of them have already been accomplished. I'm sure we could add a million other things to the list - and actually we'd love your input.  Especially you locals - what are some things we cannot miss during our New York experience?  Please submit suggestions in the comments.  We will consider each of them and possibly update the list.

Now I feel excited about living here.  This list is all about making it happen!


  1. I love making lists...especially ones like yours! You've got lots to do now!! How exciting! Especially the buns of steal one....:)I'm hoping our 3 flights of stairs will do the same thing for me!

  2. You HAVE to go to Shake Shack at least ten million times. Top of the Rock, Riverside Park, Doughnut Plant. And we should go to the Bronx botanical gardens and zoo together - I haven't been yet.

    I promise I'm really babysitting Ellie and not just reading your blog:)

  3. AND you need to visit bakeries! BAKERIES! Levain, Sugar Sweet Sunshine, Ruby and Violette Cookies, Kitchenette. I obviously could go on for an hour. and any time you need a bakery buddy, you know who to call.

  4. The one about buying something fancy reminded me about our occasional 'girls day' outings. Complete frivolity for one day (on a strict budget, of course)!

    Buns of steel - do you remember the time you asked me to ask Nate about how to work out your buns?

  5. I still have my tennis bracelet from our frivolous day! AND it still makes me think of my wonderful roomies! The flower market sounds like heaven!