August 26, 2010

Ellie at 7 months

Yes, for those of you who keep track of such things, you are correct - Ellie is actually just over 8 months old now.  But I never shared her big photo shoot for month 7, and believe me - you'll be glad I didn't let you miss this cuteness.

If you will recall, 6 month Eleanor was all about sitting up.  Well now she has a new trick to show you.

Go ahead Ellie, show them.

No, actually her trick is not giving inquisitive looks - though she is good at that too.

It's crawling!  She can really scoot with the best of them now.  This new mobile Ellie is much harder to photograph, but super fun to watch.  She finds something she wants and she really goes for it!  Here are a few more things about Eleanor at 7 months: 

She still has the most beautiful deep eyes I've ever seen.

She remains a wee little thing - barely in the third percentile.
She spends most of her day chasing fuzz balls around the apartment.
She would gladly eat paper and fuzz all day if I let her.
She smiles at EVERYONE.
Seriously, we can't get anywhere on time because strangers stop me on the street to play with her.
Her favorite song is still Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
She loves to go swimming at the public pool.

And she has a new favorite toy!
Goodbye bendy straw, hello tiny-stuffed-creature-from-Ikea-with-the-most-ridiculously-large-tags.
He's the little guy being crushed underneath her in this photo.

Eleanor is obsessed with tags, so this toy is really the best thing ever.
She examines him carefully.
  She relishes his absurdly tag-y physique.
She chews on his perfectly squishy head.
On rare occasions I find her thinking intently about just how much force it would really take to rip his head from his teeny tiny body.
But usually she's content to just frolic with him.
Sometimes she likes to pose for a commemorative photo with him.
The issues surrounding why he dresses in purple and white polka dots and carries a purse will have to be addressed in a separate post.

He has tags - and that's enough for her.

And just as a public service announcement, 7 month old Ellie and I would like to remind you that it's never too early to start reading to your child.
A bookworm already - warms my heart.


  1. I thought it was about time for more pics of Ellie on this blog so I checked it on a whim and YES! there are more gorgeous pictures of my favorite granddaughter. She is changing some, but still has those beautiful eyes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, You have such an amazingly beautiful child. She is adorable. I am so glad that I came upon your blog. She has the most exciting facial expressions! I'm jealous of your wonderful baby-ness. These pictures really just made my day

  3. So cute! Yeah, pretty sure Ben's bigger than Ellie already! (12 1/2 lbs at 6 weeks!) Can't wait to see you guys!

  4. She is so adorable Whitney! And I'm sure when she grows up that she'll really appreciate the beautiful pictures you have taken of her :)

  5. You seriously have the cutest baby ever. I love looking at your pictures!

  6. Hello! I just found this blog (I can't believe it took me so long. I've known it was coming for ages) Anyway, I love it already. I think I said "look how cute Ellie is!" out loud about 10 times as I was scrolling through and reading the posts.

    I can't wait to hear more about your adventures. Love you!

  7. These are GORGEOUS. Wow. I love them all. I had a niece who was obsessed with tags too!

  8. I love your blog... every post so far has made me laugh. And your photos are beautiful by the way... duh. You're a photographer.

    multi-talented girl!

    from erin, not mike btw

  9. Hey! I'm so glad we talked today at church. These photos are amazing. You have one cute girlie on your hands.

    Blog party happening soon!

  10. Ellie is so lucky to have a photographer for a momma! Plus she is so dang cute. That equals a great combo. I wish you could photograph my baby. And that toy really does have ridiculously huge tags....why do they do that to such a small toy?? I thought IKEA was all about compact...

  11. What the heck. I didn't make it on the list of people to tell about your new blog. I'm ticked. And I'm ticked about another thing...where's the pics of the new haircut?? The only thing that is consoling me is those ridiculously large tags on the IKEA doll. And your daughter is adorable.

  12. Ellie is beautiful. One of the most beautiful babies I've seen. And no wonder she is aren't exactly a giant! Love your blog.

  13. Good goley! I laughed so hard at the "thinking of ripping the head off picture" I almost tipped over. Gee wizz she is a cutie!