September 24, 2010

random random random

The light coming through my bathroom window is so beautiful.  It's soft and diffuse - flattering light in which to photograph any subject.  Hence these pictures of my toilet paper.
 What can I say, I was having one of those weird creative moments.
I saw beauty in something mundane.
Usually these moments involve puff paints and shoe boxes.
I always regret the final outcome, but in the moment I think what I am making is SO COOL.

Yeah, I know.  It's really not cool.
But it is a perfect image to represent the random brain dump that's about to happen here.
Unrelated thoughts below - read if you wish.

I promise never to use the words eye candy or yummy on this blog. (unless the yummy is referring to actual food).   I feel slightly disturbed when I hear inedible objects or people referred to as yummy. Bleh!

We've lived here for a few months now.  I promise I sweep frequently.  So, how does Eleanor always find the world's longest black hairs?  They are constantly stuck to her onesie.  She's a regular Swiffer on these hardwood floors.

Did you know I'm a hypochondriac? (ask my husband or my former roommates, they'll tell you)  I used to deny it, but what's the point?  I'm now coming to terms with the fact that in the back of my mind I'll always think there is something seriously malfunctioning in my body.  I might be slowly dying of something the medical world has yet to even discover.

I've been thinking about gossip lately, how terrible it is and how the example of one good friend can really make a difference.

A couple weeks after we moved here, Joe was taking out the garbage and felt something splash on him.  He looked  up to see a stream of yellow fluid coming out of our neighbors window.  I'm  pretty  sure they were emptying the hose of a dishwasher or washing machine.  Joe remains convinced that someone was trying to pee on him.

I've given up swearing.  Did you know I swear (swore)?  It only started after Ellie was born.  And not super bad words, really.  Just some pet "D" and "H" words here and there.  But I'm giving it up.

Joseph is a very very good looking man.

In case you wanted some insight about Eleanor, she's not very cuddly.  Super friendly and happy, but not cuddly at all.  She doesn't like to be held.  She does, however, love to be carried around.  She thinks Joe's arm is her personal chariot.

I love internet classics.  If I say sneezing panda, double rainbow, or bed intruder you probably know what I'm talking about.  But are you familiar with the amazing Baby Monkey or Marcel the Shell with shoes on?  These things really enrich my life.

We saw a man having a bowel movement on the sidewalk when we were walking to dinner.  It was disgusting to be sure, but more than that it was really sad.

Joe and I still do not have texting.  If you've texted either of us, I promise we really do like you, we're just busy rocking the '90's around here.


  1. As I read through this I was reminded of why we get along very well. We are very much alike. I swear (notice the tense) AND I'm a hypochondriac. Remember that time when I checked Mitch's bedroom for mold and you totally made fun of me for it? I'm convinced you did the same thing and just wouldn't own up to it.

  2. Baby Monkey, Baby Monkey,
    Riding on a pig baby monkey,
    Baby monkey, baby monkey,
    backwards on a pig baby monkey!!

    Reading your blog makes me so happy. I don't know what it is, but I definitely see the beauty of the toilet paper roll. Oh, and by the way, your daughter is so adorable!

    So, what has made you consider weekday vegetarianism?

  3. Do you know that this post is how my brain functions? just thoughts and feelings all thrown together in my brain like a big soup.

  4. Haley, I promise I didn't check for mold, but I love that we have the same faults. We are awesome!

    Ben, we have some friends who only eat meat on Sunday and I've been very inspired to try more vegetarian dishes for our overall health and wellness. Plus, I watched Food inc. and got really creeped out.

    Leslie, I did know that about you - that's why I love you.

  5. Oh my gosh, I share a love for Internet memes as well. Bed Intruder was in my head for like three weeks. But I have never seen Baby Monkey and I LOVE IT! Commence singing of song for the next three

    Thanks for sharing.

    I like these random thoughts posts I need to do them more.

  6. There is nothing I don't love about this blog post. You are so cool!

    PS let's help each other drop those naughty words. Yeesh, it's hard to stop swearing.

  7. Oh my. Baby Monkey is my new favorite thing. Ever.