September 23, 2010

5th Ave Fun

A couple weekends ago I went to Fashion's Night Out.  It is totally not my scene.  Everyone there had a couple feet on me and I had to stop myself from offering a granola bar to every model I saw - aren't you hungry?  I know nothing about fashion or clothing lines, celebrities or brand names.
So I felt out of place to be sure, but then I hooked up with my good friends from church and we had a blast!  Fashion's Night Out is a spectacle to be sure - but of all the things to see, I had the best time at Tiffany.
Who doesn't love the sight of those little bags?

And the models were all dressed as Audrey Hepburn.  And I loved them.
And then the Audreys had a dance party for the cameras - it was very endearing to watch.
Then all my friends jumped in too.  I loved that even more. (Look at those party girls!)
At some point they convinced me to join them.
Thank your lucky stars there was no one left to photograph that.
I was channeling my inner Elaine - totally unaware of the cameras that rolled.
I felt embarrassed for days, but it was still fun.

A Tiffany representative asked if I wanted to be styled.
She really needn't have asked - of course I want to try on expensive jewelry!
You had no idea that styling was such a serious business - well it is, as you can see.
See what I mean about the height issue?  And I even picked the shortest model to stand by.

I took this photo for my Grandma.  She loves dragonflies and I wish I could buy this for her.
OK, so Grandma doesn't read my blog, but if she ever does she'll know I was thinking of her as I strolled through Tiffany.

The Prada store was decked out to look like a park - turf and all.
Debi made a friend, she always does.
This (below) is a real, breathing man-nequin.  Freaky right?  I told you it was a spectacle.
See you next year, Fashion Night - I'm bringing my A-game.


  1. Looks like you had a blast! These photos are so fun. It's totally not my thing either, but it looks awesome!

  2. Sooooooo much fun! We HAVE to do this again next year. Have to!

  3. I want to by styled at Tiffany's! I didn't even now there was such a thing as being "styled."
    When I started reading your blog my first thought was "what does one wear to a fashion night in NY?" That thought alone would be enough to keep me home. Way to look awesome, even next to the tall models.

  4. Ellie in the sheets is my favorite post this week. Those pics are adorable of the most beautiful granddaughter in the world. I can really relate to the Ellie as a "swifter" line, Joe was once a swifter, too. Loved the fasion night pics, it was like seeing Whit on "Project Runway." And the new haircut is looking good. Oh yeah, Joe is probably not too stunned by the D and H words his mother has been known to use those on stressful occasions. LOL