February 4, 2012

Wren's First Week

Well, I'm finally back.  I have missed blogging so much.  Believe me, I've composed many posts in my head.  It's just IMPOSSIBLE to find any time to actually get something on the internet.  I'll try to blog when I can, but I'm afraid my free time is very limited these days.  For now, how about a fast forward look at what's been keeping us so busy for the last 6 weeks?

It's funny how when your stomach is the size of a small beach ball, 
you find it hard to believe things will ever be different.
 And then a few short days later you are introducing your child to her baby sister.
Little Wren surprised us with 
her chubby cheeks
her thick dark hair
and her cute crumpled ears.
We tried our best to take advantage of the sleepiness newborns experience in the first couple weeks.
Sleeping was our main activity this Christmas.
Joe and Ellie took a little break from sleeping to attend church on Christmas Day.
But upon their return, the napping continued in earnest.
Well, we weren't sleeping ALL the time.
There was that time at 2am when Wren was wide awake.
Joe and I were watching a movie to pass the time.
We were snacking on chex mix and I went to return it to the kitchen.
Then I tripped and fell.
It was awesome.


  1. I'm surprised to not see the cradle—I would think it'd be more space-effective. :)

    1. The cradle is being stored at Joe's parent's house. Ellie was too big for it when we moved out here. So Wren sleeps in the mini-crib we bought for Ellie last year. Mini cribs are the coolest!

  2. We have a mini crib too! it is awesome!

    Love the post, as always I love to see photos and hear how you're all doing (even though I've talked to you since these events) I especially love that last picture. That's how I felt yesterday.

  3. Wren's ears are adorable. Your kids are the cutest. These pictures [especially that spill...] are awesome.

  4. I totally love this post!!! I love the newborn pictures (she is flat out adorable, no question, I want to squeeze her). I love the sleeping, and I love that you stopped and took that last picture. Priceless. You rock. We really need to keep in touch better.

  5. HA! I loved the expression on your face. Classic. Wren is precious.