February 13, 2012

Wren at 3 weeks

So you know how the first child in a family has a million baby pictures, and then the younger children have substantially less?  I mean, if you're child number four, you are lucky to even appear in the background of family photos.

Well, it turns out that the reason for this drop in documentation has nothing to do with the fact that the parents are just "over it" - which is the conclusion I had previously drawn.  Been there, done that, seen a baby grow, don't need a billion pictures of it.  Nope.  You see, I'm just as interested in Wren's every little development  as I was in Ellie's.  It's just a logistical nightmare trying to photograph every moment of your younger children's lives.  Most days I struggle to simply get all of us fed and most of us bathed.  Forget picking up a camera to photograph the littlest beauty.

That said, I do still try my best to document milestones.  Here is how 3 week old Wren usually looks:
Serious.  Hungry.  Thinking about food.
Sometimes she cracks a smile in her sleep and it just kills me!
But then, just as soon as the photo shoot has begun, this little face pops up.
She's climbing on the baby,
getting in the light,
wanting to see every photo I take.
Take my pitcher Mommyyyy! Cheeeeeese!
So I've had to readjust my expectations for Wren's photos.
(which is actually the theme for this entire phase of my life)
No time for fancy poses or outfit changes.
Just a few shots, on the fly, better than nothing.
Yes, of course I'll take your picture too.
Say Cheese!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love the smiling one and number 6 too! She is really cute. We need to end up in the same state at some point in the next year.

  2. Wren is so beautiful! She definitely looks related to her sister, too.
    And while number 2 (3, 4, etc) have fewer pictures, they have the great benefit of having playmates and friends growing up, a worthy trade for them.

  3. That smiley/sleepy picture looks JUST like Ellie. I am dying over here.

    And I'm glad that I saw Kelli's name here in the comments—we may be making a trip to Houston soon and I may call her up for a shoot!

    1. You should definitely contact her. She is fabulous and so so talented! I know she'd be glad to do it, just email her soon.

  4. Never mind. She looks exactly like Ellie! At least you caught the smile on camera! It's good to know that a famous professional photographer mom has a hard time taking photos of her second child. Which also means that there's no hope for my second child with a regular mom with a bad camera. :)

  5. Cute, cute cute! Both of your girls are so beautiful! Sorry I missed you yesterday, we'll try to catch you soon!

  6. She looks JUST like Ellie in like half those shots! She's so cute, Whitney! They both are. :)

  7. I wish my pictures 'on the fly' looked that good...

    Wren looks like a chunky little thing! Both girls are too cute!

  8. So precious. It's amazing how siblings can look so similar! Both are cute as a button.

  9. Whitney, she's precious and she looks so much like her sister! They are adorable. Miss you here in Alvinville~

  10. Too flippin cute. I love seeing pictures of little sisters - they have so much to look forward to!