February 5, 2012

A Christmas Tradition

Every Christmas we buy a new ornament for our tree.  It's one of my favorite traditions.  We try to find an ornament that represents the year for our family.  Last year it was a little wooden taxi, this year a beautiful metal bird.  It's for Wren, of course.

I love the image that she just gracefully landed in our lives.  I have hopes that she will be sweet and gentle and that her tender song will gladden the hearts of those who know her.

Will I ever regret naming my baby after a bird?
Maybe, but not today.
Birds are so in after all.

I hear rumor around the internet that foxes are the new birds.
Foxes on kids clothes, foxes on pillows and stationery.
Foxes are cute, but naming your daughter Foxy is just asking for heartache.


  1. One of my magazine BFFs named her son Fox after Fox Mulder from "X-Files."

    And what was the consensus on the 2011 Christmas CD? I mean, ornaments are great and all, but... :p

  2. 2011 CD was the soundtrack to the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It's pretty great and brings back memories.

  3. But you could put a bird on everything in her nursery. And if birds are being replaced by foxes, then you could probably find bird decor on sale. :) it reminds me of never been kissed where josie's friend says that her mom was going through a harlequin romance stage when she was named and Josie replies, try being named after a guitar playing pussie cat. That will be our girls, no matter what we name them. "My mom was going through her Jane Austen stage and everyone said that Elinor sounded grandma-ish but she didn't listen." more updates and pictures please. Wren looks so different than Ellie from what I can see.

  4. i loooove Portlandia! my husband and i quote that allll the time.. "put-a-bird-on-it"