February 10, 2012

I used to get out more...

It's true, I don't get out much anymore.  But I used to.  And I like to look at pictures like these to remind myself that there is a bigger world out there - just a few blocks away to be precise.  And one day soon the weather will be warmer and my baby will be bigger and I will be brave enough to venture downtown with the two of them.

And then we'll have grand adventures together and I'll take great photographs to remind us of our fun days.  One day soon all that will happen.  Until then we will pass the winter with story books and breastfeeding and too much children's television.  We'll be back in action soon, NYC - please still be interesting when that day comes.
Of course I needn't worry about that.

Is it pathetic that sometimes I make Joe pretend to pose for a photo because I really want a picture of what's happening in the background, but I don't want anyone to beat me up?  You do this too, right?


  1. Awesome picture Whitney! I just kept scrolling up and down and laughing every time I saw it. I do it too, no fear. And I feel your pain about being trapped inside. But unfortunately a few blocks away I have South Jordan, UT, not NYC. Have fun for me when you get out again, okay?

  2. You betta werq, hunty!

    That's what I know to say when I see a happy drag queen.

    I don't know what to say when I see a sad one like this.

  3. Hi Whitney - so glad to find your blog! I didn't know you had a photography business - you are so talented.

    P.S. I know, wasn't Lindsay & Robert's story romantic? :)

  4. That picture at the bottom made my morning.

  5. I LOVE that you have joe pose for the picture you really want. I would do this if I saw more crazy people about.