February 16, 2012

Wren at 6 weeks

This tiny babe is seriously adorable.  Her chubby face just kills me and I love to see her bright eyes peeking over someone's shoulder.  I can just tell already that she is going to be such a sweet girl.  A heart melter to be sure.  My instinct says that she'll be slightly less spicy than her older sister, but I guess time will tell.
Had to include a crying photo, because honestly, 6 week old Wren spends a lot of time crying.  Poor girl.  We are trying our hardest to get her gas issues figured out.  Hopefully there is less crying in store for the coming weeks, because wow, the girl has got a set of lungs.

Also, notice the photo of my grandma holding Wren?  She was out visiting when Wren turned 6 weeks old and we all had such a great time together.  I thought it would be wonderful to get a photo of Great Grandma with the two girls, but Ellie had other plans.  She spent this time running around and screaming bloody murder in our apartment lobby.  That's how much she did NOT want her picture taken.  Ah well, maybe next year.
Tiny baby hand - is there anything sweeter?

Oh, I thought you should know that I've made peace with the lack of photos for Wren. 

The ones you see here are really the ONLY good pictures of her at this age.  But that's OK, because what I lack in the ability to photograph, I make up for by being a more sure-footed mother this time around. 

The first time around there were more photographs - but there were also more tears, more fears, more doubts.  Wren may not have a million pictures, but she's got a mother who is more peaceful and comfortable in this role.  There's been some growth in the last couple years and it is good to see.  Anyone else have this experience, or am I the only person who literally lost her marbles with the first child?


  1. Wow Whitney, gorgeous photos! How special for Wren to have these with her great grandma.

    I'm so glad you feel that you're more sure-footed with your 2nd baby. Since my first 2 came together... maybe I can say that if/when I have a 3rd? That was not an announcement :)

  2. I always thought Manu was the cutest as a newborn when he was peeking over Nate's shoulder.

    Love these photos.

  3. Wren is so sweet. I love the photos.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I still feel unsure about how to be a mother, but some days I surprise myself - those are what I consider "good" days. It's refreshing to know that things get more comfortable as time goes on and as you add more children to the mix; I hope that works for me too.

  4. Beautiful photos! I totally know what you mean...those first months were HARD. :) I think the next will be easier just simply because I know what is going on!

  5. Oh Whitney! She is just a beauty! Wish I knew her:) Miss you guys!

  6. Best pics of Wren to date. She's getting past that newborn stage. Yes, it's hard to ever replicate that first baby experience. They really do get the most pictures, poor Joe he hardly has any pictures.... not to mention an empty baby book. But, hey I was raising four busy Hardie kdis by then-

  7. Oh my. I certainly lost my marbles with Bennett. I have my fingers crossed that I handle things much better the second time around. Wren is so lovely!