October 5, 2011

Medieval Festival at 28 Weeks

Before Conference started last weekend, we took a little stroll in the finally crisp autumn air to check out the Medieval Festival.  We were there early, so there wasn't much going on yet.  Unlike last year, I didn't feel inspired to shoot very much - just a couple photos to even show we went.
I was inspired, however, to dress up and force Joe to take photos of me.  Have to document the growing belly.  Here we are at 28 weeks, happy it's Fall and feeling great!
Oh yeah, I went back to brown.  Blond was fun for the summer, but it just didn't feel like me.  And can we say "high maintenance?"  I could never dream of keeping up with those roots.

What's that?  You can see the line from my special underwear through my shirt?  Oh well.  You win some, you lose some.


  1. I didn't even notice the belly line until you said something; that definitely says something about your confidence level in those pictures. Work it!

  2. You are tiny for being 28 weeks!!! You look great, Whitney. I'm so excited to see pictures of that new baby and hope the last few months of pregnancy go well for you!

  3. Lol you're so cute! Yeah I agree with other comments, you are tiny! I probably would get the same comments because I'm pretty tiny too!

  4. You're pictures are beautiful as always, and you look adorable! You look just about like I do right now, and I'm sure, like me, you feel a lot bigger than you are. ;)

  5. Hey, just wanted you to know I read your blog. You look great, by the way! Long time, no talk. How's life? You can e-mail me at stottblog (at) gmail.com if you like. If not, I'll just keep reading! Love you