October 17, 2011

22 Months - my word!

Ellie in all of her ice-cream-face glory.

This weekend found us wandering a bit on the Upper West Side.  The fall weather was splendid and we enjoyed looking at gaudy crafts, sipping apple cider, and sharing a cone from the Mr. Frosty truck.  Yes, this weekend found us soaking up the best parts of Fall.

This morning found me utterly stunned to realize that my daughter is 22 months old.  22 months!  I knew it was coming.  I've been watching her change from baby to girl, but to think that she will be 2 in 2 short months - well, it kind of takes my breath away.  I'd like to record just a few things about my spunky sweet baby (I can still call her my baby, right?) at this age.
She is a champion airplane/helicopter spotter.  She never lets one pass unnoticed.
Even when we're inside and she can't see the sky.
Her longest sentence is some variation of "Shoes, where are you?"
"Blanky, where are you?"
"Bear, where are you?"
She's pretty sensitive about noises, and still runs to me, climbs up my body, and clings to my neck
when the buzzer rings
when there's a knock at the door
when someone uses a hammer within earshot
when the neighbor wears shoes and we can hear her walking.
Eleanor has some unknown grudge against the number 3 - skips it every time she counts.
She still adores the swings at the park - could ride them all day long.
She also loves to hang from the monkey bars.  It's like a toddler feat of strength.
Says, "Hi" to EVERYONE we pass on the street.
It breaks my heart when they don't say hi back.
She loves babies.  Loves to look at them, sit by them, point to them, stroke them when I'm not looking.
She calls her pacifier "fire" - which I think is too adorable for words.
When you take your shoes off at the door, Ellie will promptly put them on and strut through the living room.
She loves a good race and will gladly run back and forth against you for however long you can go.
She is still a champion eater, champion sleeper, and of course a champion "cheese-er" for the camera.
Oh how I love this girl!

It's been just me and her for the past 22 months.  Best buddies all day (except on those days when we are worst enemies).  I can't imagine how life will change for us both when little sister comes along in a couple short months.  Let's live it up Ellie - our single child days are quickly coming to a close.


  1. She looks so different! So grown up. JJ's dad sent me a picture of him around this age eating an ice cream cone and it was so adorable. It's fun hearing about what she's doing now!

  2. I love love love every bit of this post! How sweet. What a wonderful person to spend your days with.

  3. Aw, this made my heart burst for Ellie! She is so so so cute. It's fun to see her and Bethany and Isaac doing a lot of the same new things. I just know they'd still be BFFs if *someone* hadn't moved away and ripped them apart (me). Miss you guys to bits!

  4. She's adorable- I can't believe she's almost 2 and you're about to have another...crazy how time flies so fast!

  5. She looks so much like you! What a beautiful girl. I can't believe how much she has changed since I last saw her! She is going to be a great big sister!