October 26, 2011

Grandma is her best friend

I love how perfectly this photo sums up our recent trip to Oklahoma.  Eleanor LOVES her grandma.  She woke up from every nap saying, "Gamma?" and rushed through the house to find her.  They played playdough and blocks, dug in the dirt, watched for birds out the window - really it was a paradise for Ellie.  Pretty nice for me too.  Unlimited naps anytime I wanted.  We had such a fun time in Oklahoma and one of the highlights of the trip was Ellie's first zoo experience. (well, the first one she was actually old enough to care about)
Oh sure, there were lions and monkeys and penguins.  All the usual animals.  But the real show stoppers were the tortoises.  They were huge!  And while they ate lunch, the zookeepers let us pet them!
Ellie couldn't get enough of them and eventually declared herself Lord of the Turtles, vowing to stay forever and be their fearless leader.

I was really excited for Ellie to experience the petting zoo.  I thought she'd be really into it, but she wasn't as stoked as I had hoped.  I blame this guy really.
He was obviously apathetic and his bad attitude rubbed off on Ellie.  She mostly just stood around with the goats.  But she still looked cute.
After all the zoo excitement, Ellie and her best friend needed a little nap on the way home.  I'm telling you, two peas in a pod.  What a fun day and what a great trip!


  1. Zoos and Grandmas. Life really doesn't get much better than that. What fun.

  2. What a fun trip! Hooray for Gramas! They really are the best when it comes to grandkids.

  3. Thanks Whitney that was a really nice blog entry. It made me cry and miss my precious Ellie all the more. We enjoyed you, Joe, and Ellie being here so much. Can't wait to see you all in NYC at Christmas.