December 15, 2010

Feeling Thankful

Yes, I know that Christmas is only ten days away and everyone on the internet is SO OVER Thanksgiving, but a little more gratitude never hurt anyone, right?

Besides, I missed out on blogging Thanksgiving stuff when it was in vogue and I'm too compulsive to just skip it entirely.

So here we go.  First of all I am extremely grateful to be living in New York City right now.  I had so so so many apprehensions about moving here, but it's been awesome and we've had a million adventures already in this city.  I'm thankful for New York because where else can you walk to your local park in October and find yourself magically transported to another time, courtesy of the annual Medieval Fair?
Singing monks with high rises in the background?  Only in New York.
I'm thankful that magic still exists and that unicorns are real.
And I'm thankful for little girls dressed like fairies who never doubted for a moment.
I'm grateful for things that inspire, for talents to develop and experiences that make you feel you are flying.
And of course I'm thankful for true love.
(Check out the bottom right of the photo for proof that everything really is cuter when it's miniature)
I'm really thankful for super good friends.
This is Leslie and she is the best!

Want to know a funny story about Leslie?  Right before this picture was taken, she walked up to the knight in shining armor, looked him in the eye and said, "Hi, you're very handsome."  She said it with all the sincerity in the world and I was taken aback by her forwardness (especially since she has a knight of her own).  "Leslie, I can't believe you said that."  She responded, "Well, don't you think that's what he wanted to hear?"  

That is why I love her.  She knows people, knows how to connect with them almost instantly.  She knows how to communicate with them on their own level.  Which is why a few minutes later she won an argument with a 10 year old girl who was complaining that Leslie's husband had stolen her seat by saying, "It's not like your name's on it."  I tell you, you've got to watch out for Leslie because she is rubber and you are glue.  Ha!  
The point of all these words is that I am extremely grateful for good friendships.  And who are my very best friends in the whole world?
These two, of course!

Words cannot express my gratitude for having Joe and Ellie in my life.  They bring such meaning to my life.  They are always up for adventure, always ready to smile, always willing to love me.  This year my heart is filled with gratitude for such an amazing family.

What blessings did you count this Thanksgiving?

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