December 23, 2010

Christmas Magic on 5th Ave.

Wow!  Words fail to describe how cool it was to walk down 5th Avenue and gawk at all the Christmas windows.  Simply magical - a perfect NYC Christmas memory.  Here are a few favorite shots.
I am loving the glitzy iguana.  Did you know I used to have a pet iguana?  Her name was Yoshi.  She looked just like this, minus the silver and bling.
Joe is shocked by the diamond encrusted octopus and the giant hornet he lives with.
Rockefeller Center the night before they lit the tree.  See how huge it is in the background?
A festive Lego employee and --HOLY COW-- get a load of that dragon made of Legos!  I'm pretty sure this is the vision that danced in my brother's head the night before Christmas.
Dear Santa: can you please bring me a chandelier that is made of books, just like the one in Anthropologie?  Thank you, thank you - I've always believed, you know.


  1. Those are some wacky displays! Wow! Thanks for sharing a taste of Christmas in NYC with us. And Happy Birthday to Ellie!!! I can't believe it!
    P.S. Yoshi is a rockin' awesome name for an iguana.

  2. You had an iguana! My childhood self is jealous.
    Merry Christmas!