March 24, 2011

Triple Header

Guess who had 3 disgusting dirty diapers in a 10 minute period?
Rock on, Ellie.

*This photo was taken in December, and I cannot believe how different she looks now.  She's much taller and lankier and has real live little girl hair.  She doesn't even look like a baby anymore.  It blows my mind how fast she changes.

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  1. Amazing the stinky bundles those sweet little faces can put out.

    By the way, I sent Jeff Thompson a link to your post about his talk. He wrote this back:

    "And thanks for sharing the blog! I am continually astonished at the little loops that bring me to people who have read the devotional address. It's so gratifying to feel like it might have helped some people out. I tried to figure out how to post a comment on the blog, but don't have a google account, so I don't think I can. In any case, would you mind sharing with your friend that I am honored by her tribute and gratified that it struck home for her?"