March 31, 2011

Ellie at 15 months

Just a quick word of explanation.

Let's all be perfectly honest.  I know why you're here.  You come to see photos of the girl.  I get that, I really do.  And I appreciate that you humor my wordy stories and wandering theories when really you're thinking "cut it out and just show the photos."  Because I love you all and want to please you, I try to keep the posts photo heavy.  And I tend to shy away from braggy-brag posts about all her latest statistics because that stuff kind of annoys me.

That said, I'm going to make an exception today and just list a few things about Ellie at 15 months.  I do it because 1. my mother-memory can't be trusted and I don't want to forget what she was like at this age and 2. because frankly, I think she's awesome and I'm dang proud of her.   I know most of you don't care what milestones she's reaching and I'm sure it sounds a lot like what a lot of other babies are doing at her age, but you should still read it.

Because I read yours - even if I groan inwardly first.

Quick Stats:
20 lbs (finally) 31" tall
20 spoken words
15 signs
11 teeth

Activities that fill her busy day:
peek-a-booing around the couch
emptying and refilling her Citibank lunchbox-purse
climbing the stairs at the playground
pretending to talk on the phone
busting into giggles all the time (especially after nap)
remaining terrified of the buzzer
obsessing over dogs and cats and birdies
rejecting bananas but consuming large quantities of oranges
flipping through favorite books
nurturing her sense of humor - she's really a silly goose
insisting on wearing her new sandals (which are far too big) around the house
saying her own version of "bless you" whenever someone sneezes
giving kisses to everyone and everything, but not mama - apparently I've had too many
getting very frustrated when she can't accomplish a task
sitting on my lap to watch TV (yes, I am that parent)
being so dang cute it forces me to make these braggy lists

Don't believe me?  See for yourself.
(please excuse the post-nap crazy hair.  we can't be fancy all the time)
She loves this finger puppet so much it hurts.
I was wondering where she learned to impersonate a monkey.
Then I realized.  Monkey see and all that.
Here's another sign Joe taught her.
No, it's not ASL.  But I think it should be.


  1. Abe wanted me to send you an email and tell you that we have that monkey finger puppet. But I thought I'd just write a comment because it's easier.
    Love the daddy pics.
    And don't worry, we're all super impressed with your way advanced beautiful girl, just like you were impressed with all of our unbelievable children :)
    Abe just said, "Now let's go somewhere else where it's youtube."

  2. Whitney, she is beautiful! I love her smile! Maya has those same finger puppets and she loves to kiss/eat them too.

  3. Of course you have to brag about her--she's got beauty and brains! I love hearing about all the new stuff she's up to that I haven't even tried yet with my babies. Everything they know they owe to Ellie.

  4. After looking at the amazing quilt display I did a review of previous posts. (I was missing my weekly sample of new Ellie pics.) These really are great and I do love the brag and accomplishmments list. The daddy pics are awesome, too. But I do have one concern Joe's hair is looking REALLY thin on top. :)

  5. What a sweet girl! I loved looking at each picture. I wondered if she looks like you did as a baby?

  6. Sarabeth, she does look a lot like I did as a baby. Sometimes when I look at her I feel like I'm seeing a photo of myself.

    Debbie, I told Joe what you said about his hair - it's a fact of life he is sad to face.