March 4, 2011

Fashion Friday: headpieces

Our interpretation of a GapBaby ad.  What do you think?

Wow.  Where did the week go?  I realized it was Friday and time to do another feature of Eleanor's fashion bit and I was shocked to see that I haven't blogged since last week's installation.  Sorry about that folks.  It's been busy around here with the mothering gig and the part time photographer stuff.  Add in a couple days of sunshine and there just wasn't much time for blogging.  But we're here now with Ellie's fashion tip of the week: headpieces are essential.

While she usually opts to wear a colander on her head, Eleanor received a special treat from Rachel who made some adorable headbands, one of which is modeled for you today.
Please excuse the random objects in the mouth, as well as the plentiful snot and slobber.
We've got molars coming in -- enough said.
When sporting a headband, it's important to maintain your coiffure.
You can use a brush; Ellie prefers an empty lint roller.
For a more sophisticated look, Eleanor prefers baby extensions.  She finishes the outfit with a fancy diaper clutch and comfy shoes.  This babe is ready for a night on the town!


  1. Good thing it's an empty lint rollar brush....a full one would be kinda painful. That headband is ADORABLE! How did Rachel make it? I guess I should ask Rachel that... AND MOLARS...holy cow your baby is growing up!

  2. Gah! Baby hair extensions! Diaper clutch! Hilarious.