March 31, 2011

Fashion Friday: wear what your heart desires

Today's tip is inspired by Eleanor's St. Patrick's Day outfit.  Choosing an outfit that day was tough.  We knew there was a requirement to don green or risk being pinched.  The neon green skirt was an outlandish choice - one she has never worn before.  And since we were being bold, why not go all the way and pair it with some striped tights and a fashion onesie?  It was a complete break from Ellie's usual conservative outfit and boy was it refreshing!

Some days you've just got to throw caution to the wind and wear whatever your heart desires.  
Dress happy my friends.
Eleanor LOVES dogs right now.
And she is very serious about her pigeon stalking.
Thwarted again! 
That's alright Ellie.  You look like a million bucks and you lived to stalk another day.

**For those of you who frequent the blog for photography tips - here's a good one:  DO NOT take pictures in middle of the day.  Portraits shot in harsh sunlight do not look good.  Period.  For best results, photograph your kids playing outside in the late afternoon/early evening, when the sun is at a lower angle.  Or look for a well lit but shady area (known as open shade) for more even lighting.  Good lighting will make all the difference.  Just compare these photos to the ones posted below to see what I mean.


  1. Ellie is adorable as always and can definitely pull off any outfit. However, my favorite aspect of the pictures was the scary looking swing! Who built those? They're like from a robot movie or something.

  2. Love the blog and all the pictures. I always look forward to Fashion Fridays and the latest on Ellie. She looks like a true New Yorker kid in those stripped leggins. She is adorable! Even if I am just her grandma.