February 8, 2011

A self-discovery (about myself)

I’m an all or nothing kind of girl. Is this good or bad?  I have no idea.  Is it healthy?  I have a long line of family history that tells me it’s not.  And yet, it remains the reality around here.  ALL or NOTHING.  Is it possible that two different people live inside my one body?

Figure 1:

Yesterday I did EVERYTHING, people!  I cleaned this apartment top to bottom.  The tub was shining (without help from Photoshop thank-you-very-much), the bed made, the baby’s clothes sorted and reorganized, the floors swept, the couch stains treated.  I bathed the baby, cooked homemade soup for dinner, planned a great Family Home Evening lesson, kissed the husband on my way out the door, picked up a sister from the ward, had people over for the previously mentioned FHE, and later collapsed in bed (still twitching from my manic day of accomplishing things)

Figure 2:

Today I felt tired from yesterday’s excitement.  So what did I do?  NOTHING.  I had a generous helping of valentine’s candy for breakfast (thanks Grandma Hardie), I scoured Hulu for anything remotely interesting and proceeded to watch it.  I read when I wanted to and napped when I wanted to.  I remained pajama clad and bra-less until 2pm (too much?)  The baby was clothed and fed proper meals, but she was also allowed to pull her step stool right up to the computer desk and watch all the TV she wanted.  What a transformation - yesterday I was June Cleaver and today I’m a bona fide sloth!

1. Balance is not my strong point.
2. Being obsessive is exhausting. (for days afterward)
3. Kit-Kats for breakfast are guilt inducing but oh-so-good.
4. A little bit of crazy keeps life interesting. 

If you read this entire wordy post about me analyzing my inner self, you may now enjoy these photos of Eleanor covered in her dinner.

Please tell me that you're a little crazy too!


  1. Being even-keeled is totally overrated.

  2. Kelli said it right.. I'm not just a little crazy, I'm a LOT crazy. :)

  3. Not me, I'm perfectly sane all the time, just ask Nate. Wait, on second thought, don't ask Nate. He'll blow my cover.

  4. I will back up Deb's sanity if she will back up mine. But who are we kidding, you lived with us.

  5. I'm the same way. I need to learn not to get my self-worth from my to-do list. I'm not saying you do that, I'm just saying I do that. And, I would like to talk to you S-O-O-N. Call me, or I'll call you. But if I forget, CALL ME.

  6. oh my gosh, a kindred spirit!!! i SERIOUSLY live this kind of life, whitney. braless and all :)