February 22, 2011

Ellie at 13 months

So, I blinked and my sweet girl grew up!  I am shocked at how much Ellie has changed lately.  She's actually 14 months old right now, but I realized that these are the only photos I have of her 13th month so I thought I'd share them.  Heaven knows she'll be completely different in another short month.

At 13 months old Ellie was a walking fool and super talkative.  Her hair grew at an astounding rate.  Every object was a phone to her.  She started experimenting with dress ups.  She clapped after commercials.  She charmed me every day.
Is that MY daughter posing for the camera?  I'm bursting with pride.
Work it Ellie!

**A note to other moms trying to photograph their children:  It's gotten extremely hard to photograph Eleanor lately.  Not only is she obsessed with grabbing the camera (and thus drops whatever she's doing the moment she sees it) but she's also very fast.  I finally discovered a way to turn her obsession to my advantage.  When I want photos of her I put her on one side of the room and I run to the other side and jump up on the couch.  As she runs toward me I aim the camera at her and fire away.  When she gets to me I run to the other side of the room and continue shooting.  Repeat, repeat, repeat until she loses interest and starts acting natural or I get enough frames I like.

That's a little tip for free - remember, you heard it here first.


  1. Darling, darling girl! I loved the mustache fest. post too, you know I did. hehe

  2. Ellie girl! I just love her and am so glad she's part of our triplets.

    And THANK YOU for that photo tip. Isaac just goes ballistic any time I pull out a camera. Every video I take ends the same way (with him grabbing the camera and then shots of the floor, ceiling, etc). I think your tip might be a bit dizzying for video, but I'm willing to try.

  3. Cutest posing baby of all time. Her hair is getting longer! And thanks for the tip. We haven't reached that stage yet but I'm sure we will soon and then I'll use your tip like crazy. Nice mustache, by the way. :)