February 23, 2011

Beardfest 2011

Believe it or not, I actually participate in a few activities that don't involve toddlers.  I know, it's a shocker.  So, what do we do on a night out with the girls?  Maybe we sneak down to Brooklyn, hit up a bar, and scope out some bearded cuties.  Don't judge.  Leslie's face says it all:
It was magical.

Beardfest 2011
bearded music
bearded wares
even bearded women
I want to be this cool.  I wish I wish I wish.
Of course the highlight of the evening is the beard and mustache competition.
I had no idea facial hair could compete in so many categories.
A few of the favorites for your viewing pleasure.
 To the man above: your beard is NOT the first the I notice.
To the man below:  I think my husband is the only man in the WORLD cuter than you.
There were a few heartbreaking face-offs. But in the end, a victor emerged.
That, my friends, is the face of triumph.
Here are the faces of my best bearded friends forever.  BBFF.
Erin channels her inner seductress.
Anna channels her inner french man.
Leslie channels her inner Wario.
Oh yes, thanks to Leslie's blog you can also enjoy this photo of yours truly
channeling her inner creep.
Beardfest 2011 - it's a lot like the Miss America pageant, minus the talent and swimsuits.


  1. SO AWESOME! New York just got a lot cooler. I have a single dark hair that keeps growing on my chin, I think it is my inner logger coming out and wanting to join a beard competition.
    (Wow, I just talked about my chin hair on a public page.)

  2. Wow, NYC is a ton more fun than Merced. That's for flippin' sure. And, WHAT are you looking at in the picture of you?? Creep is right. :)
    Good for you getting out and enjoying a beard competition.

  3. You girls are my favorite bearded ladies EVER!

    That's awesome that Leslie's mustache was inspired by Wario, but it reminds me of Charlie Brown's stripe!