October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Joe and I have a bit of a tradition when it comes to Halloween - one year on and one year off.  Last year we were definitely on.  This year is much more low key, but we still like to keep it festive.  Here we are as bank robbers, a sack of money, and a handsome teller who didn't stand a chance.
Let me point out a couple things:
1. I am fully aware that Ellie will look back on family photos and wonder why the h*#@
we made her wear a paper bag.  Never a princess or a fairy - every year she is but a cog in the machine that is the Hardie Family Costume.
2. Two kids later and I'm still rocking the leggings for Halloween - I think we can all agree this is a big win.
3. Is there anything cuter than a baby in a mask?
How about a baby in a mask who can....stand up by herself!
Thank you, Ellie for being such a good sport.  You worked that bag!
And thanks for sticking your finger in your nose at just the right moment.
This is family photo album gold.

Happy Halloween everyone!  Let us not forget that last year Halloween marked the beginning of a series of events that caused a major decline in the quality of life at the Hardie household.  Here's hoping that the curse on our house is broken after one year's time.  Muuuahh-haaa-haa-haa


  1. I think Ellie will appreciate your wit. Anyone can be a princess. Love your cute girls and you are rocking the leggings.

  2. Definitely nothing cuter than a masked baby standing on her own, except maybe her sister wearing a paper bag! Love the low-key family costumes. One of these years, maybe I'll follow suit and actually plan costumes for myself and Nate instead of just Manu. We were a little too low-key this year! Love you!

  3. LOVE the costumes! I hope I can be so clever when I have a husband and kids. I may just outsource to you.

  4. I LOVE your creative costumes! and your photo of the two little ones is HILARIOUS! Absolutely LOVE! Happy Halloween!

  5. Y'all always have great costumes! And Ellie picking her nose is a GOLDEN shot. Always need a couple of those.

  6. Ah this post made me laugh! That teller seriously didn't stand a chance. And I love that your "low key" costumes are still way cooler than ours. Charlie was a fireman for about twenty seconds (couldn't even snap a picture), Keith was a BYU fan, and I was... well... me! And yes, hopefully the bedbugs will stay gone. Long gone.