November 6, 2012

All We Need is Love - a gushing note that makes little sense

I drive away from my counseling appointment one morning, feeling so refreshed and excited about new discoveries I've been making.  Michael Jackson sings "Pretty Young Thing" on the radio and I crank it up, dancing as I head out of town.

I pass a pierced young woman with pink hair embracing her tattooed love on the sidewalk.

A few blocks later a lone elderly man in glasses quietly holds a sign. "Pray for the end of abortion" His eyes steadfast and full of loving concern.  In a community where his prayer is none too popular.

I think of the people who work in the clinic across the street from where he is standing - imagining the love and compassion with which they greet those who pass through the door.

Light streams down from the clouds, yellow leaves roll off the windshield and I think to myself:

There are so many ways to love in the world

These days I see love in those around me.  And it feels right to search for this.  The actions of others might look very different from the way I show my love - but I do not feel threatened by that.  In fact, I raise my face to the sky and say, "Thank you God.  Thank you for showing me love in a way that is different from my own"

I went on a little love-trip in my mind (in the absence of any recreational drugs, this was surprising for me, too) as I marveled at the different ways of being and how there is love in all of them.  I am grateful for diversity and curiosity and questions and the wonder these things bring to my life.

Speaking of leaves and love and life experience,
I forced my girls into a pile of leaves because I deemed it a necessary photo op of a happy childhood.
I don't recall loving piles of leaves as a kid and apparently Wren doesn't either.
Wren tried to enjoy the leaves,
but that effort was short lived.
A whole bunch of love from us to you.


  1. Oh man, I am feeling the love oozing from this post & I love it back. -Bea

  2. So beautiful. Every word. I love you, Whit.

  3. Very gushy and sentimental. Just the way I like it!

    Isn't the concept of "many ways to love" beautiful? I've often considered it, though framed in different terms in my own mind. In the end I have to believe that everyone is doing the best that they can with what they've been given, experienced, and know. Their actions may not make any sense to me, but to them it is the most logical thing to do.

    p.s. I love the pictures. Your girls are so cute! And fall is the season I miss the most. Live it up for me before its too late!

    Love you tons!