September 28, 2012

Wren at 9 months

I blinked and it happened.  My sweet little bird is 9 months old!  She does a lot of growing on the sly, you see - not much fanfare for her milestones as they happen.  One day she was a sweet snuggly infant, and suddenly she's a ton of personality shoved into a tiny body, keeping up with all of us like it's no big deal.

It's hard to explain.  She just carves out a place for herself - doesn't need us to do it for her.  These photos say so much about the fireball she is becoming.
The sweet, traditional photo.  Thanks, Wren - this one is frame-worthy.
The worried look.  I'm telling you, she was born with it.
She loves to play peek-a-boo!
And she loves any attention from her sister.
Even if it's harsh fashion advice.
That bow's not really working on your head.
Even if it's just to serve as her pillow.
Especially if she actually let's her play along.
At 9 months old Wren:
- claps and babbles all the time (mama, baba, dada, a wide variety of hissing noises)
- crawls, climbs, and generally tumbles about
- has 8 teeth (holy cow, that's a lot)
- is a bit of a bruiser.  Seriously, the girl can takes serious hits without so much as a whimper
- hates baby food but enjoys the finer delicacies of canned vegetables, beans and cheerios
- chugs formula like a boss
- hulks out every time I put her in the car seat (contortions, hissing, spitting - the works)
- laughs more for Ellie than anyone else
- actually eats books.  Gnaws the spines, shreds the pages - it's barbaric
- is flirting with stranger anxiety (dear Lord, don't let it last)
- crawls up to me for the express purpose of biting
- smiles very easily 
- starts every morning with a sweet hug around the neck (and a good 5 min chew on the crib)

Did you catch the recurring theme here?
 I really think she's part piranha.
Are you sure these blocks are solid wood?
P.S. She has a fabulous physique.
And she loves to bury her face in that pillow.
P.P.S.  5 minutes after our photo shoot she got her hands on one of Ellie's markers.
You got a problem with that?


  1. Your girls are so cute! Will had such a fun time staying with your family. Thanks for showing him around Cornell & Ithaca. :) Hopefully we'll get a chance to spend more time up there.

  2. What a doll! And seriously, 8 teeth? Manu just got 8 last week! What a cute pair of sisters, too!

  3. Love the photos! What beautiful little girls. And, I know what you mean about the bruising. Hudson tripped and busted his lip one day. Cried for literally two seconds and then saw his reflection in a mirror and thought blood was the coolest thing. What is wrong with my kid?

    I can't believe how fast your girls are growing. Keep posting. This blog is an inspiration to me. I mean it.

  4. So cute. Her teeth make her look so grown up!

  5. I love her facial expressions! Especially when she is chewing on the block.

  6. #1. Your kiddos are ADORABLE. Ellie looks just like you! And Wren, wow she is growing so fast!
    #2. Where did you get your sweet block set?
    #3. We wish we could come play with you. Maya likes to use anything to pretend to paint her nails (markers, white board markers, water, etc)

  7. Adorable. Wren is adorable. Ellie is adorable. And also your clone. Your girls are beautiful.

  8. It seems like you have just one mold when it comes to producing kids...Ellie and Wren look so much alike to me. No disputing they are sisters! :) Very cute kids indeed!

  9. These pics are great! Wren has grown so much since July!! She's got those big eyes and great expessions. What a joyful time in your life. She is adorable just like Ellie. Wish I could get out there to visit.