September 26, 2012

Sweet Summer Memory

Really, I can almost taste them.  Blueberry picking was one of the highlights of my summer!  Just looking at these photos takes me back to the field on that warm, muggy day.
Ellie's technique was to hold the bucket with one hand, insert blueberries with the other.
Come back, Great Grandma - you know you miss this!
(shameless tactic, I know)
Wren slept like a little angel the whole time (those eyelashes!!)
and woke up super excited for a hay bale photo-op.


  1. Those pictures of the girls are beautiful! I can't believe Wren is so big.

  2. I just can't take the cuteness!!! Seriously. I love the expression on Wren's face when Joe is giving her a kiss. Actually I love it all. Blueberries. Summer. Hay bales. Sweet sweet girls.

  3. We went blueberry picking once or twice growing up and I still remember it with great fondness. There's just something about being out among the bushes picking some, eating some... Lovely photos and super cute girls! I just saw a pic on my computer from your trip out here and Ellie was so tiny then!

  4. That pouty face is the cutest ever. Those blueberries look delish!