July 21, 2012

How She Grows

Well, this little one will be 7 months old tomorrow.  But today she is still 6 months old, so in my mind that makes it more OK for me to show how much she's grown in the last few months.  Poor Wren, the classic second child.  I do take plenty of pictures of her.  It's just not always a photo shoot, and it's not always on the day she hits a milestone, and it's not always with my professional camera.  But there are benefits to being the second child as well - so I think she'll turn out just fine.

Here we have a little collection of photos (point and shoot, SLR, and phone images)to show how my sweet bird has grown.  Prepare your heart - it's melting time.
4 months old
Spit up on the face - a common occurrence for little Wren.
Also common - the concerned face.
It is the expression she wears most.
But when she's not worried, she is SUPER smiley!
5 months old
Those eyelashes, those teeth, that super efficient scoot.
At 5 months she was a full fledged baby.
6 months old
She is adventurous, smiley and super cuddly with her momma.  She is growing her top two eye teeth before the middle.  So right now she looks like a hillbilly, but I hope she'll be a vampire in time for Halloween.  Her dark hair always elicits comments, as do her Disney princess eyes.  She likes to wrestle with her dad and Ellie and hates to be left out of a party.  On the verge of crawling, but I think she won't do that long before she stands.  She chirps when she's happy and squawks when she's angry and has an ear piercing cry if you can't figure it out quickly.  She is our tiny adorable bird, and we are so very glad she's ours.  We love you, Wren Josephine!


  1. What a sweetheart! I love those little toothy grins!

  2. So adorable!!! I can't wait for a little vampire at Halloween - best baby costume ever if that works out :)

  3. Yep, that adorable little girl is my granddaughter! I love the pictures. She and Ellie are such good subjects for the awesome photographer! Love the post. So glad your are blogging again :)