March 3, 2013

Winter is upon us...still

The Internet is abuzz with the impending arrival of Spring. Pinterest is full of summer dresses and Easter crafts and gardens in full bloom. To all this I say, "Pish Posh." Yes, Ithaca is still in the firm grasp of Winter. I can see now how the Internet is full of lies and deception. Nothing you see online is real. Well, except for this. Let it be known that I was keeping it honest here - it's cold people!
I snapped these images on our way home from the Dicken's Festival in December.
It still looks a lot like this now.
But grayer.
Minus the cheerful wreathes.
Minus the cozy candles in the window.
To get these wintery images all I had to do was roll down the window and completely freeze out my family as Joe drove through the countryside.
There were some complaints (kids crying, husband fake sniffling) but sometimes the world is just too beautiful to let it pass by your window.
When Spring finally does arrive, I will celebrate with the best of them.
Until then we'll just continue to hunker down, reading books, making crafts,
and drinking buckets of hot chocolate.


  1. I love all those two story houses, and that is the most snow I've seen in two years.Beautiful pictures.

  2. Love the barn!!! We just got back from a week in Utah. The mountains were gorgeous in their whiteness and I have really missed that, and the sledding was great. But it was so cold! Our winter is warmer here but still wet and grey. Thanks for a reminder of how beautiful winter can be.

  3. beautiful pictures...glad I am not living through it though...but if meant having one of those houses, it might be worth it!