March 31, 2013

We are Family (the song that is stuck in my head)

Historically, February is my least favorite month. This year, though, February was brightened considerably by visits from two of my siblings. It was awesome! I can't believe how grown up my baby sister is. Ellie and Wren just love Aunt Samantha and we all had a great time. One of our stops, of course had to be the Science Center here in town.
Seriously, this place has saved my sanity. We love having it so close! The girls enjoy it so much that it can be hard to get them to pose for photos - as evidenced below.
We also took Aunt Sam to Purity Ice Cream. 
Let it be known, if you make a silly face at my camera, I will post it on the internet to embarrass you.

Other highlights of her trip included:
campus tour of Cornell (freezing)
Chili-fest on the commons (double freezing)
sister's night and dessert at Madeline's
Cooking Indian food together
Watching Pride and Prejudice with our good friends, Ben & Jerry
Lots of dress ups and ticking with Ellie and Wren

Since it had been so many years since Sam and I have spent much time together, I thought we should have some photos taken. My friend Sheena happily obliged and I just love the pictures she took of all of us girls! Yes, that is a frozen waterfall behind us, and yes, we are working it like professional models.
Wren and Sheena's little girl hung out in the frozen wasteland while we took some sister shots.
And then someone had had enough of this nonsense, so we headed home to thaw out.
But first Sheena snapped this rare shot of Wren and I together.
 I had such a great time being with my little sister again and we decided that this needs to become a yearly tradition. Sister's Visits rock!

Uncle Sean came to visit as well, but this is the only photo I have of him.
His was a much shorter visit,
and it involved 7 hours of driving,
and we mostly slept in and watched YouTube videos.
But at least we took him to the Science Center!
As cute as Wren is in her little winter hat, I'm dying for the days
when we can leave it at home.

That's the end of this long, long, photo-dumping post.


  1. Hooray for sister visits! And I love the picture with Uncle Sean. Uncles are the best.

  2. Those frozen waterfall shots are gorgeous! Looks like so much fun!

  3. I can't believe how much your sister has grown! She is such a beautiful young lady!