February 15, 2013

Fashion Friday - 2012 retrospective

Ellie says, in 2012, matching outfits were in.
According to Wren, bows were out.

For Christmas, I wanted to get a couple nice portraits of the girls. You know, something they could look back on in 30 years and cherish. I was really aiming for a classic one of the sisters together. And since I'm a photographer I thought, "No problem. I'll shoot these myself and it will be great. Who needs JC Penny or other lame photo services? Not me. I'll get loads of pictures like these":
But when it came to the photo of the two of them together, they were...less than cooperative. 10 minutes into it and I would have paid big bucks for a cheesy background and a stuffed animal above the tripod to get those girls to look in the same direction. Joe was the stylist/wrangler for this shoot and he gave the girls a good talking to about our expectations for their modeling.
I don't think they took him very seriously.
So instead of a single photo of the two of them looking at the camera and smiling,
what I got was a whole lot of outtakes.
Those girls. They have more spunk than they know what to do with.
And we love them for it.
OK, sometimes in spite of it.


  1. I love all those outtakes. Man your girls are cute! And I love the picture of Joe fixing the bow. Something warms my heart when I see Daddy's helping with girlie things with their daughters.

  2. I think outtakes are much better than JC Penny shots! First off, the lighting and styling are nice, and they show way more personality than sitting inside a giant present. I think you got it. Nice snowflakes, too. Those might be my favorite part.

  3. Your girls are so cute! I love you guys. I think you guys will like these photos in 20 yrs. more than anything from JC Penny. We need to Skype more often.

  4. Are those gold polka dot tights? I need some! I love the pic of Ellie lounging on the back of the couch. Sometimes the out takes are the best pictures anyways.

  5. I love these pictures. The girls are adorable, the photographer is awesome, and the wrangler is so lovable. Great job. how about copies for my b-day? :)

  6. Hooray for your sweet spunky girls! I love these outtakes. And especially seeing a pic of you. I feel like it's been too long since I've seen your face!

    Love all of you!

  7. That picture of joe talking to them and their reactions is hysterical!!! it looks like hes scolding/being the dad, and their faces are priceless! oh made me laugh so hard!