December 18, 2012

Ellie turns 3

Oh my sweet girl - you are three years old now! It hasn't come as much of a surprise, you've seemed closer to three than two for most of the year. Older, more verbal, more mature than many people would expect a two year old to be. Three definitely fits you. But it's difficult for me to reconcile the girl you are today with the tiny baby who turned me into a mother just three short years ago.

Time is a tricky thing. Perhaps it's not as linear as we think. In some ways it feels I have been your mother forever. And yet the years move by quickly and you grow and change at an astounding rate. You are precocious - intelligent and witty and definitely headstrong. You have a caring heart and are quick to notice when someone's feelings are hurt. I often find myself lost in your deep brown eyes, so full of wonder and curiosity. Your eyes go on forever and I don't know if you realize the power of your stare. There are times I can see into your heart and sense that you are searching mine with your pure, unfaltering gaze.

We have our power struggles to be sure. You love to make messes and find yourself conveniently tired when it's time to clean up. You have a bit of a television addiction. I'll take the blame for this one, but not too much blame. I doubt it will hurt your long term development. In fact, I don't know that you'd be using the word "hypothesis" had you not spent so much time with your best friend, PBS. You sneak out of bed constantly to ask for a better hug and kiss, to insist that you must go to the bathroom - we know you are playing tricks on us. And you know that we are desperate to get you to lay there quietly without waking your sister.

Ellie, you are simply all of the best things in the world walking around in one tiny body. You are happiness and enthusiasm and unadulterated joy. I marvel at you, shake my head at you, try my best to love you and teach you. I hope you will read this one day and know how very much I loved your two year old self and how my love for you continues to grow just as quickly as you do.

P.S. I'm not the only one who loves you, by the way. Today I spied your dad coming home with you from the Science Center. He was wearing your tiara and carried you on his shoulders all the way up the stairs. That man will do anything to see you smile.

And for history's sake, here are some photos of the birthday celebration:

We brought cupcakes to Ellie's preschool.
Talk about a proud parent moment.
Is there anything cuter than preschoolers covered in icing?
Joe and Wren snuggling just might compare.

This year Ellie's birthday theme was PINK. She wanted a pink cake with pink candles so we just went for it. She helped me make the pale pink frosting, then she wore her outrageously pink sequined pants and Joe and I hung pink streamers in the dining room the night before. It was a lot of pink for my taste, but I think she really liked it.
We even had a virtual birthday party with Ellie's BFF June-bug and Bea and Olive.
That's why she's sitting on the dining room table in the middle of the living room.
Happily our first ever cyber party was a smashing success!
Reading a card from Great-Grandma.
Ellie treasures the cards people send her and has been known to take them to preschool.
She usually shows the card to her teacher and then stows it safely in her cubby during class.
Also, Grandma Hardie, I hope you notice the socks you sent.
She insisted on wearing them right way and changed into all three pairs throughout the day!
She is stunned into silence as she realizes she is the owner of her very own train set!
Happy Birthday to my darling three year old girl.
Just for fun, take a look at how much she has grown.


  1. That first shot of her is gorgeous!!! Happy birthday, Ellie!

  2. Everything about this post put a big smile on my face! The sequined pants, the tiara on Joe's head, "hypothesis," everything. What a fabulous day! I love you all!

  3. Happy Birthday to Ellie. She is so darling! And what a tender post. It was really sweet to read.

    Also, I love your photo wall collage. I need to get around to doing that for our place.

  4. What a beautiful letter to your little girl. I remember what a smarty Ellie was even when she turned 1, so I can only imagine the things she knows now at 3! BTW, Bethany would have absolutely loved the pink party-- maybe it was a good thing she wasn't there because she probably would have thought it was all for her. :)

  5. Wow, Happy Birthday, Ellie! What a cute little girl! I love her sequined pants, they're pretty outrageous! We had a Skype party for Manu's birthday, too since we were in OK and Nate was here in HI. Thank goodness for video chat.