March 21, 2012

To the Whitney

I took this photo for my friend, Holly.  I hope she likes it.

In early March we had some beautiful weather.  The first spring-y weather of the year.  Aren't days like that so exciting?  It really felt like a gift and so we had to be outside.  We headed over to the Whitney Museum.  We weren't super impressed with the work on display, but it was a beautiful day to be walking, chatting with friends, and breathing that "fresh" NYC air.

It's tough to take many pictures with a newborn strapped to you and a toddler in the stroller, but I did what I could.  And it felt so good to snap even a few photos for fun.
Above: Ellie tells Joe about her favorite painting.
Below: A blast from the past!  Ellie and Joe at the MoMa (Fall 2010)
Want to see another blast from the past?
The Truebloods have always been great museum friends.
And now.


  1. Wow Ellie has changed alot! Love the pics. You have a great eye for catching interesting things.