March 19, 2012

February Fun

I know, it's well into March and I still have things to say about February.  Oh well, punctuality is overrated.  Let it be known that I don't really love February.  It's the shortest calendar month but oh how it lingers.  The last bit of time that stands between me and the hope of spring.  We're not huge Valentine's fans, there is no Christmas to celebrate, all the birthday excitement is over in our home.  It's just a bleak, cold, dark month.  Blaaaaah.

That said, I thought it would be good to look back on a few of the things we did to get through February this year.  In no particular order, here are some of our favorite activities and adventures that helped us pass the time.

Coloring - lots of coloring.
And cutting paper.  Ellie loves to cut.
Read Dr. Seuss - over and over and over again.
We rode the Staten Island Ferry with our best buds the Johnsons (that's Wren Leslie's holding)
I watched lots of Biggest Loser while the girls napped.
Shopped at Old Navy online, because nothing makes me feel better than buying clothes for $4.
We went to playgroup at the church each Wednesday.
May have skipped a day to stay home in PJ's and watch TV.
Finger painting.
Upon closer inspection you can see that I was making Ellie's valentine cards, like all Type A mothers do.
Ellie and I got all dressed up for Wren's big day at church, even though it wasn't our big day.
Wren was given a name and a blessing in front of the congregation.
She cried through the entire thing, but that's just classic Wren behavior.
There she is, swaddled into submission in Uncle Carl's arms.
We also had a lot of play dough time.  If anyone's interested, I could post the best recipe ever.
Used the swing in Ellie's room.
A trip to the historic public library building and Ellie's first time on a carousel in Bryant Park.
It was freezing. 
Ellie wasn't sure what to make of the horse moving for about 2 seconds.
Then she decided she loved it.
These were some of the highlights.
But mostly we were indoors.
Breastfeeding all the time.
Watching Mr. Rogers, Blue's Clues and Sesame Street.
Biding our time until spring.
And of course, treating myself to one of Ellie's special pedicures.
I'm so glad that March is here.


  1. As always, I love every picture and every word up in this hizz.

    But, I thought that those hearts on your feet in the last picture were temporary tattoos, not stickers. I was totally inspired and wanted to do that with some temporary tattoos, too!

  2. I had lots of smiles while reading this post. Hooray for the end of February indeed! But I love how you made it wonderful with your simple Whitney touch.

  3. You making Ellie's V-day cards made me laugh because Mitchell wasn't even a little bit involved in making his V-day cards! He was asleep! I hope Spring comes fast for you all.