September 30, 2011

Upstate of mind

 A couple weekends ago we took a little roadtrip to visit some places upstate. Ithaca, church history sites, and Niagara Falls (which I've been spelling wrong my whole life).  So fun!  I love weekend trips with my little family.  Joe and I thoroughly enjoyed just driving and talking, having uninterrupted days together.  We loved watching Ellie discover new things, the weather was beautiful, the air was fresh - I know I'm rambling, but seriously, this trip was just the refreshing break we needed as a family.

We went up mostly to check out Cornell University, in the hopes that we may one day spend a couple years up there.  I fell in love with Ithaca, New York.  IN LOVE!  I am not in love with the fact that I loaded my first roll film incorrectly and I'm pretty sure all my black and white photos from the trip will be no-shows.  BUT, to make up for that bummer, here are some digital snaps and a list of all the things I found to love about Ithaca - in no particular order of course.
  • the landscape (clean clean air, wildflowers, so many trees)
  • waterfalls and hiking trails just begging to be explored
  • quaint, quaint houses everywhere
  • charming downtown area with shops, live music, great atmosphere
  • shopping - would you believe it? Ithaca feels like it's in the middle of nowhere, and yet it is so much easier to get to Target, Payless, Taco Bell (you know I love it) and a number of other stores than it is here in Manhattan.
  • friendly people everywhere  - I forgot how nice shopkeepers could be
  • farmer's market - it's huge from what I hear
  • community garden AND a children's garden (cuter than I can stand)
  • roller derby - advertised on a hand-painted sign
  • foodie paradise - glenwood pines, collegetown bagels, purity ice cream, Ithaca root beer (and that's just one weekend)
  • awesome science center
  • apple harvest festival
  • winter sports (this is Joe's thing, but I could give it a shot)
  • public pool with a water slide
  • vineyards and orchards everywhere
  • fireplaces and wood burning stoves
  • Cornell campus - so so gorgeous
  • garage sales and antique malls - it's embarrassing how much I love this stuff
Do you see it, friends?  Do you see how Ithaca and I were just born to be together?  Is my enthusiasm coming through the internet strong enough?  Wow.  I love so much about being in New York City right now, but this little vacation showed me that I have got to get away more often.


  1. Sounds like a great trip! When Keith was considering Cornell I too fell in love with Ithaca and the idea of living there. There are really reasonably priced little homes just outside of town (and as you found out) awesome stuff in town and all around. We would definitely have to pay you a visit!

  2. Yes! Go there! It sounds wonderful! And it would give me more time to actually make money so we can afford to visit you!

  3. Awesome! Great pictures!! And you look hot! (is it ok to say that? cause I did. and I mean it!)

  4. I love LOVE LOVE Ithaca. What a great great town. Tons of things to see and do, which is helped by Cornell and IC, plus such a charming little town and everything is so quaint and friendly. I grew up in a similar, but not quite as awesome place in upstate NY and am desperate to get back. If you ever want another beautiful and quaint little upstate trip, go to Saratoga, NY during track season. We want to live there one day. It is completely lovely, tons of cute shops on a downtown sort of main street (called Broadway, so it's basically just like the city!), and it has a famous race-horse track & it's so fun to just go watch the horses race. I could go on and on about how much I love upstate, too. So glad you guys got to go!

  5. Um, your enthusiasm is making me want to move to Ithaca, and I live in Hawaii!

    Then again, it could just be the idea of living by you again that I really find appealing.

  6. All of the sudden Elli looks so old!! And have I told you I LOVE your rockstar blonde hair?? I saw it in the distance of a pic a ways back but wasn't really sure if it was your hair or the exposure or something. But I really LOVE it! Keep it forever, k? And also... stop talking about New York. JK... kinda:)

  7. Mariko - it is more than OK that you said I look hot. In fact, I welcome more comments like that. Ha!

    Erin - That's right, you are from upstate! Thanks for the tips. I absolutely loved it up there.

    Deb - I wish you lived by me too. It would be a party all the time. Aloha friend.

    Thanks for all the comments ladies, it's great to hear from you.