September 1, 2011

Thoughts on a less than stellar day

- Gosh, I am so tired.  Sometimes this baby growing really wears you out.

- Ellie still has a cough.  The fever is gone, but the congestion remains.  Makes me second guess my decision not to take her into the doctor a few days ago.  Hope it's not a rare tropical illness or a lingering ear infection that will rob her of her hearing.

 -Why did my husband make a dentist appointment for me today?  Sometimes I fear he cares more about my oral hygiene than my mental health.

- Trader Joe's, I love your prices - but I wish you were off of the A train instead of the 1.  I'm not sure I have the energy to make it home now.

- Bless you, woman who helped me up the subway stairs with the stroller.  I fear I would have been left to live down there forever if it hadn't been for you.  You are truly an angel.

- Probably should have ordered groceries yesterday so that I would have something to eat other than the Trader Joe's chips and hummus, which were very recently purchased for a very specific dinner menu.  Ah well, at least this lunch doesn't require clean dishes - we're a little low right now.

- Oh, Ellie, please stay content for 5 more minutes in there.  Momma just laid down for a nap and is desperately tired.

- ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME ELEANOR ROSE!?!?  This is the day you decide to remove your poopy diaper in your crib?

- Seriously?  My phone doesn't recognize the words Ellie or poopy when I try to text.  This makes it very difficult to keep Joe apprised of the day's developments.

- Feeling very torn.  Part of me wants to do everything for my family - plan the healthy meals, save the money, decorate the house, keep it clean, potty train the child.  But part of me wants it to all disappear for just one day so I can rest.  Just one day.

- Canteen empty.  Solution?  Blue's Clues marathon and Ellie's potty training M&M's from the freezer.  6pm can't come soon enough.

** Have no fear folks.  I'll be back soon with chipper updates and pictures of fun times.  But I'm totally scrapping today.  Sometimes you just have to accept that they can't all be your best days.  Can I get an Amen? **


  1. haha, amen. ps - do you ORDER groceries? that's pretty cool. :) i still think you are amazing.

  2. removing her poopy diaper....that would have just put me over the edge. YUCK! Hope it does get better for you! Best of luck!

  3. I hear ya! I have both kids in bed right now (hooray) and I should go to bed too because I am so tired. Instead I sit here on the computer just because I can read without someone hanging off my arms and legs. Sometimes you just have those days...

  4. AMEN! You are amazing, even on your not stellar days. :)

  5. A-freakin-MEN dude. i had a similar day today with my 2 boys. glad to know it wasnt just me =)

  6. Thanks girls, for all the support. We really are never alone in this crazy venture.

    And yes, April, I do order a lot of our groceries. Sounds pretty fancy right? It started as a necessity because I couldn't haul them up the 5 flights after walking them home from 4 blocks away. But it turns out to not be any more expensive than a lot of the grocery stores out here, so we are all about having the food delivered. And diapers, and clothing - I do all my shopping online now.

  7. Oh I've so been there before. Hope the rest of the week was better!

  8. This made me laugh and whimper all at the same time. Here is a virtual hug and pat on the back. I just wish I could give you a virtual nap that would feel like the real thing.

  9. Very funny. And classic Whitney (e.g. irrational fears of tropical diseases). Made us both laugh out loud. Keep on keepin' on, friend.

  10. Amen! Yesterday our house had an overly tired baby and an overly tired momma which made for a looong evening of fussing. Thankfully it ended with Manu hanging out with Nate while I crashed at 9pm!

  11. Amen sista! I understand, everyone has days like that and your random thoughts are fascinating. :)

  12. Ha, love you whit! Thanks for being honest.