July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

Get a load of Ellie's patriotic outfit and beauty queen wave.
She could be MISS Independence Day this year.

Sorry the blog's been dark for the last couple weeks.  We are in full scale moving mode.  2 more days until I live in an apartment with an elevator!  Yipee!!  Just wanted to check in to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday and to leave you with a solemn promise for more blog posts soon:

- Joe's birthday celebration
- final apartment tour of improvements
- recent family photo session
- pregnancy update ('cause I know you're all dying to know)
- fashion fridays, of course!

Today we will be packing, picnic-ing, and sticking close to the phone in case our neighbor's illegal fireworks light our apartment on fire.  I hope some of you out there are enjoying barbecues and pool parties and parades today.  Eat a hotdog, make a cannonball, and catch some candy for me!


  1. Squeeeeee! I didn't know you were moving--I'm so excited for you! And that tiny lady next to you in that picture is super sweet; I was bragging about her a couple nights ago to some friends.

  2. Love the picture!! :) Glad you had a good time on the Fourth and congratulations on the new apartment!! With Elevators!! Whoo hoo. Looking forward to your new future blog posts.

  3. You both couldn't be more adorable! :) See you soon? Text me!