January 27, 2011

Snowed In

I love waking up just a few moments before a snowstorm.  It's gray and ominous outside.  I perch myself on the loveseat and take a few moments to read, pausing occasionally to look out the window at everyone scurrying around, desperate to reach their destinations before the heavens open.

It's a magical feeling on those mornings.  Especially since the overcast skies trick Ellie into thinking it's still night time and I get a few extra minutes to myself.  Then the first few flakes start to fall and I find myself tucked away in a snow globe - cozy and warm and thankful that I have no need to venture out.
Day three of this snowy-time adventure finds me in a little different mindset, however.  Full blown cabin fever!  This morning I was standing in the windowsill with my head sticking out the top of the window, just breathing in the cold air.  "There is a world out there," I tell myself.  I can feel the craziness creeping in and I'm sure it's apparent to any neighbors who happen to look up and see a pajama-clad woman sticking her bed head out the window just to feel the sensation of wind in her hair.
It's starting to feel a little claustrophobic, and so today I've made the decision:  I am going out.  Even if just for a stroll around the block with a bundled Ellie strapped to my chest, we are out of here!  This little trip is just the cure to my cabin fever in one of two ways:

1.  I will feel so refreshed and invigorated after walking around in the cold air, that I'll know I made the right choice to get out and get my blood pumping.
2. It will be such a miserable experience trudging through the slushy sidewalks riddled with dog poop and unexpected puddles, that I'll run back to the shelter of my apartment with a renewed understanding of why I never take Ellie out in the snow.

Either way, bye bye cabin fever.


  1. This is my third day in a row without work. I know how you feel and it's not even snowing. I was so excited to get out yesterday to buy gatorade for my sick husband that I walked to the store instead of taking the bus. Yeah, I felt pretty cool.
    Your pictures make me shiver, but they're so pretty I like to look at them anyway. I love watching the snow fall.

  2. Same here. Memphis has been getting too much snow for the south. And when it's sunny it's freezing. Today Ellie and I are going to venture out too, maybe to target. Dangerous place. I LOVE your curtains! I need them.

  3. Good luck in the snow! The news keeps talking about how crazy it is out East. Lucky you. Also, I just want to point out that I was not fooled by the whiteness of your bathroom. I knew you must have doctored the photos! The only bathrooms that white are in heaven.

  4. You are brave. I've been watching the news and thinking about you poor people on the East Coast. Meanwhile, Michigan is having a positively mild winter.

    And a response to your last post: I always feel like I'm posting random, stupid stuff that no one cares about until someone actually takes the time to tell me they appreciate it. And guess what? I really like your posts. They're honest and pretty and fun.

    My ideas for blogger's rut: when I feel particularly inspired I sit down and type up several posts, and then schedule them to auto-post every few days. I can go a week or two without having to keep up my blog that way. Also, if I have an idea but don't feel like blogging, I write a sentence or so in an email or my planner or something so I don't forget what it was, and then I can come back to it when I feel like writing. If it was something that happened a while ago, I just let it be vague. :)

    And as your former companion I can say that you are a good visiting teacher.

    Last thing: I now want to buy Photoshop for no other reason than to take pictures of my bathtub and make it sparkle.

  5. Isn't the snow beautiful? I loved your description of how it feels just before a storm. Lovely.

    We are feeling the cabin fever too! I was actually going so crazy that we ventured downtown in the middle of the blizzard on Wed. and it was a surprisingly good experience! We had the Natural History Museum to ourselves and there was no line at the Shake Shak... maybe we're on to something?