January 24, 2011

Hiding Out

Who, me?  Hiding from my blog?  Hiding from my faithful (though tiny) readership?  Never.
Guess where I found Ellie hiding when we were supposed to be heading for playgroup?

Okay, so I have been absent from this space for a while.  Mostly for very justifiable reasons.  There was a weeks long vacation to Utah, we all had illnesses to recover from upon our return, things like that.  But there is one reason I've been gone of which I'm ashamed.  I've let myself feel overwhelmed by my little blog.  

Do you know the feeling?  You had a list of things to blog about, you got too busy, now it feels too late, you have writer's block, you're out of practice, you've lost the habit, everyone else posts cooler things than you do.  The list goes one and on for me.  But it stops today!  No reason to feel overwhelmed - this is my fun fun fun creative outlet.  And if it's not fun then there is no point to it.  Sorry for that rant, I just needed to remind myself publicly that this is my blog and I will post when I want to.  (Any thoughts on fighting the self-imposed pressures of blogging?)

And today I want to.  I'm coming out of blog hiding.  Just to prove how out of hiding I am, I think I will post my New Year's resolutions for the whole internet to read.

I took a refreshing break from New Year's resolutions a couple years ago, and I feel it's time to go back.  But I'm not the obsessive goal driven accomplish-er I used to be.  The more relaxed me sets a yearly theme, with a few bullet points to guide my direction.  This year's theme is:

Live with purpose.
Live with joy.

  • Nourish my marriage
  • Teach Eleanor everyday
  • Be a conscientious visiting teacher
  • Take a course to further prepare myself for ASL interpreting
  • Explore more vegetarian meals
  • Pay off a lot of student debt
  • Cultivate meaningful relationships with family members
I think it will be a great year as I really focus on doing things that bring joy and take the time to enjoy whatever it is I'm doing.  What are some of your New Year's resolutions?

 Ellie has vowed to spend  more time in the tub, obviously.


  1. Ellie is adorable as ever! Fun times in the shower. That mat, I'm sure, will provide minutes and minutes of fun.
    I understand what you are saying about the pressures of blogging. I think I could feel that way if I ever thought anyone looked at my blog. I just remind myself that my blog is for me and my family and I let others have a peep into our fun, happy lives. Let them laugh if they want to. Let them comment if they care to.

  2. I've found that the longer I go without posting on my blog, the less I care about keeping it up :) Then occasionally I'll pleasantly surprise myself and think, "Hey, I feel like blogging! And you know what? I have time, too!" And blogging becomes much more of a bonus than something else on my check list.
    I have one New Years goal this year. And just because we're on this topic, I'm going to go make it a post! That way I'll be answering your question, and posting at the same time! I feel so good about that.

  3. the lighting in your bathroom is amazing. and so are your photog skills!

    glad you're not hiding anymore. the blog world needs more whitney!

  4. I totally understand that feeling. It actually does me some good to know that someone with a blog as awesome as yours feels that way too sometimes.
    You have wonderful New Year's resolutions. They got me thinking.
    Also, your bathtub is so clean! It puts mine to shame. I would never post pictures of my not-so-white tub.

  5. Thanks everyone, for the comments.

    And Katie, one word about the bathtub whiteness: Photoshop.

  6. Sometimes it scares me how much we think alike :). I know exactly what you are talking about which is why I rarely blog. But my biggest problem is that I have to make sure that I'm doing it as a creative outlet and not as a "look how clever I am" outlet. My New Years resolution--think less about myself. I love reading your blog and I love looking at your beautiful pictures of your beautiful daughter so keep it up! No pressure...

  7. I too suffer from not blogging because of a myriad of excuses. I don't know what to tell you. I end up blogging when it's late and I should be in bed, but I just wanna change it up cause I'm tired of looking at the same post from weeks ago OR remembering how much I like reading my friend's blogs not to mention I like thinking of it as journaling (one of my new year's goals). My New Year's goals also included getting better about calling my friends and family on the phone. Sorry I haven't called yet. But I will. Last week I made progress and called my Dad and Diane and Megan!

  8. Katie, I'm glad I'm not the only one whose first thought was Wow! Whitney's bathroom is so clean!

    Whit, I'm glad it was Photoshop that made it so.

    I always get so excited to see a post from you. Perhaps I'll pay more attention to my own neglected blog. I have a hike I've been meaning to post about since October.

  9. This is so true! I wouldn't let myself start a blog without promising to not get overwhelmed by it. But still... I have to occasionally remind myself that it's just for fun and it really doesn't matter if it's been too long since my last post or if this one has too many pictures or this one has too many words. When I start letting things like that get to me, then I'm no longer doing this for fun or for ME, and that's also against the rules.

    Anyway. I love your blog. I love your photos. I love your 2011 theme. I love your cuuuuuute cute girl. I love your new curtains. The end.