February 28, 2014

Wren turns 2

Wren! It's a super late, but very photo-heavy summary of your second birthday. I hope that someday you will treasure these photos. I already see a couple family classics as I glance through all the pictures of your adorable face.

For your second birthday we decided to have a shin-dig with all of your favorite things (brought to you by the number 2) You invited 2 friends, Della and Theo, Dad made you a cake with a sprinkle number 2 on top, there were balloons and sweet treats and you were in heaven.
This photo is a great representation of you at two years old. I dressed you in your party outfit, but you felt it was lacking something. Of course you added a skirt - rarely are you without one these days. The picture below shows your temporary tattoo. You and Ellie are really into those right now. Once you learned where the gummy bears were you just helped yourself (though you hadn't nearly the appetite for sweets that Theo displayed). There were also blueberries on the menu and those are always a hit with you.
Silly girl, I'm glad to see your love of cake has not diminished since last year. You still take cake eating very seriously. In fact, you take all eating very seriously. I love how much you love to eat.
You really understood presents this year, and in true two year old fashion, greeted every gift with a resounding, "Present! Mine!" It was fun to watch you get excited over your favorite gifts - the puzzles that Dad and I got you and the mouse puppet from Great Grandma.
Wren, you are such a delightful little girl! I still call you my baby, though it is clear to everyone else that you are growing so much each day. The photos below really capture the magic that is you at this age. You have stolen Pink Kitty from Ellie and sleep with it every night. You are an absolute bookworm and love to be read to. But you also like to slip away to your room throughout the day to read stacks of books by yourself. You are the girliest of my girls - insisting on fancy skirts and dresses and "helping" me with my make-up. You still give the sweetest hugs and kisses in the world, you can draw circles and you have amazing balance on our indoor swing. You also love band-aids and nail polish and watching Curious George. You remind me a bit of that adorable monkey, with all of your chattering and antics. Your singing voice is about the cutest thing in the world - second only to your amazing dance moves. Seriously girl, you really cut a rug.

I love how you can sign "I love you," but still struggle to show me two fingers when I ask how old you are. At least you've stopped introducing yourself as Ellie and telling everyone you're three - that was really confusing for people.
I'm so glad that you have taken a liking to the animal figurines in the bowl. Dad was accusing me of collecting them for myself (which is only halfway true). I had hopes they'd become the classic toys of your childhood.
This view from behind epitomizes your toddlerhood to me. This is how I always find you: sitting cross-legged, working intently on a project. I love your passion and your humor. I love your gaped-tooth smile and the single freckle on your forehead. I love the sweet way you hold my hand and the total adorable-ness that is you in your winter hat.

You are magic, Wren-dear, and I hope you always know that. Love, Mom.


  1. What a cutie! She and Millie would get along great...all that reading and puzzling. Happy late bday!

  2. Oh, she is such a sweetheart. I love these pictures!

  3. I love your blog. These pictures were so cute. I'm glad you take the time to blog about the girls and their adventures.