February 13, 2014

This week is not my favorite

It's February.

Our car broke down in PA and cost $750 to fix.

The cold/flu struck out house. Fever, chills, coughs, disgusting fluids from the nose.

I didn't get to make our annual Valentine's cards because of said illnesses.

Ellie had an earache last night at 11pm
I let her sleep in my bed.
Gave her a warm compress and some Tylenol.
Stroked her back and talked to her soothingly while she fell asleep.
She kicked me for 20min while she slept fitfully.
She woke up and we started the whole she-bang again.
2 hrs later she cried that she wanted to sleep in her own bed.
We made the switch.
She got up two or three more times. (need to potty, need a cough drop, just can't sleep)
At 3:45 she got up AGAIN needing a drink of water.
I called out to her that she should climb up on the toilet and get a drink out of the sink.
Splash! Wailing!
She fell into the toilet that she hadn't flushed earlier.
Soaking wet pajamas, crying girl, pee and toilet paper all over the bathroom.

Did this really just happen?!?!?
Why is this the worst week ever?

No working out - sickness.
No groceries - car.
No sleep - toilet drama.

Well, we still have water and heat - so I guess it could be worse.

Things I'm looking forward to:
February being over
Birds returning to my feeder
Training for the Tri at the Y
Hosting a "February Sucks" party at my house
Blogging about Wren's birthday
Blogging about projects I've finished
Blogging photos I've done in the last year
Blogging instead of feeling like a giant waste of time and talent
Getting a massage - just putting it out there to the universe
Breathing through my nose at night
Painting fingernails for Valentine's Day 
Musical rehearsal - we bemoan our fates for a while and then we sing!

February is the worst! The End.


  1. It does sound like a bad week and bad case of the winter blues! Although I have to admit, Ellie falling in the toilet is pretty funny. Because its your child-- if it had been my own and in the middle of the night I probably would have cried! Hang in there, spring will come!

  2. You come over next week for a massage!

  3. Oh goodness Whit! This was so funny to read, but only because it wasn't my kid that fell into the toilet in the middle of the night. Wow. If it had been my kid I would have cried. I am with ya on the whole February thing. Let's move on to march already!

    1. Oh Whitney I laughed out loud on this post. We have an old saying in the Hardie family "Crisis plus time equals humor." I hope that helps. Hang in there only 8 more days in February. Wish I lived across the street so I could steal the girls for a few hours and you could take a nap.